Which Apple Phone Should You Buy In 2019?

Given the number of choices of phones, you could be in a dilemma to decide on one that is ideal for your needs. Apple launches a new iPhone every year and each model is tempting. You are on the edge of becoming an iPhone owner but you are also spoilt for choice. iPhone XS is tempting but iPhone XS Max has a lovely screen. However, you could always save a few bucks if you buy the stylish and wallet-friendly iPhone XR. But there is a color to consider and the amount of storage space to think of. This is one decision which cannot be taken lightly because it is an expensive purchase. Here is a quick guide to help you make the right choice.

For most people: You do not need to spend $1,000 for the latest features from Apple and this is why an iPhone XR is the ideal phone for you. It is available for $750 and you will get a gorgeous design, excellent camera with a Portrait mode, an A12 Bionic processor and a strong battery life.

For Photographers: You can either choose iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max in order to satisfy your quench for great photos. Both the phones have the same dual camera system on the back and it has a front camera with a depth sensor which can generate a Memoji.

For business owners: The iPhone XR, XS, or XS Max will make heads turn in the boardroom but XR and XS Max has a bigger screen which will make it easier for you to read and type. If you have to deal with a number of apps and digital content, you might want to pay up for a 128GB model.

For first time owners: Since this is your first iPhone, you will have to stretch your budget or maybe you do not need the latest tech. You can get your hands on iPhone 8 or iPhone 7. Neither are cheap but you will still be getting good phones at a great price. If you have a slightly higher budget, you can opt for iPhone XR as it looks fantastic and has a few features which you will find only on the latest high-end phones.

Money no budget: If you are one of the fortunate individuals who have no objection with regard to the money, you should buy iPhone XS. It has a great camera, the best size, and an OLED screen which is undoubtedly the winner.

Specifications to consider

Operating system and battery: No matter the iPhone model you choose, they all will come with the same version of Apple’s iOS operating system and they will have system updates from time to time. The battery size will differ but the average performance will remain the same. Every model has different power requirements and if you have heavy use, do not expect the battery to last longer than a day. If you have an average use, the phone will survive without charging in a day. All three models discussed above have wireless charging. David Payette from UpPhone recommends turning off the background app refresh feature on your iPhone to help your battery last longer. There are different sizes of internal memory for you to choose from.

Design: iPhone XS Max and XS have a stainless steel frame and XR has an aluminum frame. All the three phones have an edge to edge screen with a notch and they do not feature the home button. You will now be able to use Face ID with a TrueDepth camera in order to unlock the phone and to access apps. iPhone XR comes with six color options for you to choose from.

Screen: All three phones have different screen sizes. The smallest is 5.8 inch iPhone XS and it is a perfect sized phone because you can use it one-handed. The iPhone XR is 6.1 inch and is more spacious. It has an LED screen while XS and XS Max have OLED screens. Finally, XS Max has the biggest 6.5-inch screen and it is the best phone to watch movies on.

Camera: All the three phones have the standard 12-megapixel camera with Smart HDR and optical image stabilization. The phones have a 7-megapixel TrueDepth front camera which takes great selfies and also supports Portrait Mode. However, the cameras of XS and XS Max are more versatile.

The best way to make a decision is to consider your use and budget before you shortlist the phones for your purchase.

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