Fix Windows Update Error 8007000E Code – Windows 7, 8 (Solved)

Fix 8007000E Error Windows Update

Hey, guys if you are facing windows update 8007000E error code on your pc then you are the right place. Because today in this article we are going to share how to fix 8007000E error code in Windows update.  This is a very common problem for Windows users.

fix 8007000e error


Recently I install windows 7 in my computer. But after successfully install on my computer I got an error in windows update with error code 8007000E and the error message is “Windows could not search for new updates”. This error code now allows me to install the new updates on my computer. And after two days of hard work, i found the best trick to fix error code 8007000E in windows. So we decide to share this tricks to our blog readers.

You can find the tricks below how I solved this error in my computer. But before going to the solution first you need to know why this type of error occurs on Windows computers or laptops.

The reason for occurring this error is you installed corrupted windows in your laptop or computer. So that your windows update folder is also corrupted and windows not able to install new updates. And whenever you try to search for windows new updates the error code 8007000E is received.

Solution To Fix 8007000E Error Code In Windows

Method 1

For fix this error first you need to check if KB3102810 is installed or not. For check, KB3102810 is installed or not in the computer just search KB3102810 by search box on my computer. And wait for the green process bar is complete from left to right.

If there is no any file display that means KB3102810 is not installed in your computer. For installing it just follow the below step by a process and fix the 8007000E error code in Windows.

Step 1:

Before install KB3102810 you need to update the internet explorer. If internet explorer is not available on your pc then download and install the latest version of Internet Explorer. After installing or update internet explorer to latest version restarts your pc.

Step 2:

After installing the latest version of internet explorer download the KB3102810 for Windows by a search on Google. And install on your computer. After install restart your computer to work properly.

And check the problem is fix or not. If the 8007000E error code is fixed then you do not need to follow the third step. but if you are still facing the error then follow the third step.

Step 3:

Windows store the update to the SoftwareDistribution folder the path of this folder is “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution”. If you are using the corrupted version of Windows then this folder is corrupted.

So that you need to recreate this folder for fix this error and windows download and install the updates. For recreating the SoftwareDistribution folder on your computer follow the below steps.

  • First, open the Run box by pressing the Windows button + R key.
  • In the search box, you need to type “service.msc” and click on ok button to open. If any warning pop-up box is displayed then click on ok button.
  • Now service window is open and the list of service is displayed.
  • Find the windows update service and right click on windows update service and select Stop option.
  • After stop, open windows explorer and open windows folder is available in C drive.
  • Find the SoftwareDistribution folder and delete this folder.
  • Now again open the “service.msc” window and start the windows update service by right click on it.
  • Check the problem is solved or not. I think this solution is 100% for all.

I hope you fix the 8007000E error during windows update using above methods. If you are still facing this error then feel free to comment below. And we are trying to fix the error. If you like this article then share with your friends on social media. Thank for reading. Keep visiting for more updates.

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