Laptop Battery Not Charging How To Fix “Plugged In Not Charging”

Plugged In Not Charging: Hey, guys if you are facing plugged in not charging error in your laptop then you are the right place. Windows is one of the most used operating system in the world. But it’s not completely error free operating system. Many users are reporting an issue like plugged in not charging in windows operating system. But laptop battery not charging is a software or hardware related problem. This problem is a very common error for windows users.

Plugged In Not Charging In Windows 10, 8.1, 8 And 7

Whenever this error occur the charging icon shows your laptop is plugged in but adapter still not charging a laptop. Also, you can not see any charging icon. You can only see your laptop battery status like 0% available plugged in not charging. If you are also facing this error in your windows laptop then you don’t worry. You can easily fix this error at your home without going any laptop repairing shop. You can face this plugged in not charging in hp, dell, asus, lenovo, toshiba and samsung laptops.

Before going to fixing this error you need to know why this problem occurs in your windows laptop. There are many reasons for this error occurs in your laptop. So it’s very difficult to say which reason is creating this problem in your windows laptop. The first reason for plugged in charging but not charging error is your windows operating system problem. Because if you install any corrupt or crack version of windows then it’s possible to you may face this error. The second reason is the problem in your laptop power adapter. If your power adapter wire is broken for any reason then this error will occur. The third reason is your laptop battery problem. And the last one is a problem in your laptop motherboard.

0% Available Plugged In Not Charging

There are many windows operating system users daily search on the internet about plugged in not charging. And google provides lots of youtube videos and website in search result provide a solution for this problem. But I notice most solutions are not working or fack. So today in this article we are going to share how to fix laptop plugged in not charging error. Now you can easily fix this problem in windows laptop. Because this error is a very common issue for windows operating system users. So let’s start to fix this laptop charging issue in windows operating system. You need to follow the below step by step process properly.

Method 1: Fix Windows Corrupted Drivers

If you install any corrupt or any crack power adapter driver in your laptop then definitely you face this problem. 90% of the errors in windows occur because of installing third party drivers. These drivers are corrupted by some viruses or registry. By fixing this driver you can easily solve this error in your laptop. If you are installed Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver in your laptop then it may possible to you face this problem on the battery icon on your Windows pc. Because of this corrupt driver is a source of battery plugged in not charging windows 10 in your laptop.

The ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) drivers are responsible for manage the charging process of your laptop. But if you install this driver from unauthorized source then you may this problem. Because this type of third party driver are corrupted and it damages your laptop completely. So first step to fixing this error has removed this type of drivers from your laptop or pc and you can easily solve this error by removing this corrupt driver. For remove the third party or corrupt driver from your laptop just follow the below steps carefully.

How To Remove Corrupted Drivers From Laptop

  • The first step for remove corrupted driver is turn on your laptop and use for at least five minutes.
  • Now shut down your laptop and remove the battery from your laptop back side.
  • After removing battery from your laptop plugged in your power adapter cable. Make sure battery is removed from your laptop.
  • Turn on your laptop after plugged in power adapter cable to your laptop.
  • You can turn on your laptop by plugged in power charger adapter cable. Use laptop without a battery is not harmful to your laptop.
  • If your laptop not starts without battery then definitely it possible to the problem with your power adapter cable.
  • Then you need to buy a new power adapter cable from the laptop shop.
  • If your laptop start then it’s good news for you because you can very close to solve this problem.
  • Click on windows button and search for the windows device manager.
  • Also, you can open device manager by press windows key + R button type the devmgmt.msc and hit the enter button.
  • Once device manager is open you can find the batteries option.
  • Now expand this batteries option and here three option will be available.
  • Remove the Microsoft ACPI – Compliant Control Method Battery driver from your laptop.
  • For remove, the driver right clicks on it and choose the uninstall button.
  • It asks for confirm you want to uninstall the drivers click on ok button.
  • Now again turn off your laptop and set up battery.
  • If your problem not resolved then remove the microsoft AC Adapter after following the above steps again.
  • Now your problem definitely resolved by this method.

If this problem does not resolve by this method then it possible to your system registry detected by malware or virus. For a fix, your database system registry follows the below steps.

Method 2: Fix Windows Registry Database

  • First, if your laptop on then shut down your laptop.
  • After shutdown again turns on simultaneously press the F2 key from your keyboard.
  • If your laptop screen shows a black logo screen then you successfully open the Bios menu.
  • In bios menu find the reset option at exit tab. It helps you for load the default configuration of your bios.
  • After that exit from bios menu and turn on your laptop.

Now see problem resolved or not. If you still face this error then you need to try the registry cleaner tool in your laptop. For use, a registry cleaner tool follows the below steps.

Method 3: Registry Cleaner

CCleaner and zookaware are most popular registry cleaner tool for windows operating system. If you want to buy a zookaware tool then it is more costly than ccleaner. But the zookaware provides a more functionality than the ccleaner. For registry cleaner tool follow the below step by step process.

  • First, download the zookaware or ccleaner tool from the official website.
  • Now open the zookaware tool and check box of all registry errors and click on the start scan button.
  • After scan complete restart your computer and see your problem is fixed or not.

If plugged in not charging windows 7 problem not solved then it possible to it’s not a software problem. So now you need to fix hardware problem. It may be a defect in your battery or charger adapter. Now for fix plugged in not charging asus problem you need to change your battery or power adapter charger cable.

Final Words:

I hope you fix plugged in not charging dell problem with help of above methods. If you have any question regarding this article then feel free to comment below. I definitely reply within a day. If you like this article then don’t forget to share with your friends on facebook or twitter. Thanks for visit. keep visiting for more updates.

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