Why PBN Is Still Your Best Bet for Affordable Link Building?

In the recent past, Private Blog Network has broadened into a dynamic & resourceful mechanism to drive quality backlinks to websites.

You probably heard about private blog networks or just the PBNs, but wonder what they are or how come they are becoming so popular of late. A Private Blog Network is an array of self-owned websites created to strengthen backlinks to the central business website in a quest to ethically influence search engine rankings. PBN strategy is somewhat analogous to link pyramid or the link wheel technique, which involves several sites functioning in conjunction to bring quality organic traffic to one single website.

What is a Private Blog Network?

A PBN network can either be a group of websites or a single domain that is built to accomplish higher rankings. The domains used for creating the Private Blog Network are typically previously real blogs or businesses, but presently not in use. The SEO reason behind this practice is that the previous domains possibly be having high domain authority. So, when the site is redesigned it passes the authority via the link juice to your main business site.

However, don’t think buying some expired links and getting backlinks from them to your site is the mystery to digital success. Search engines such as Google have several filters in implementations to deter SEO experts to abuse this practice to conquer top positions. So, you got to be pretty sure how to go about building Private Blog Network.

PBNs-The Go-To Link Building Strategy In 2019

The Private Blog Network approach is now being entrusted by SEO experts worldwide for its sheer ability as a white hat technique to enhance SERP rankings on prominent search engines such as Google, Bing. PBNs deliver valuable long-term results. PBNs promises to deliver measurable results, but only if implemented in a well-strategic way.

3 Compelling Reasons to Invest in PBN Strategy

  1. Improve Rankings

If you are struggling to rank higher on SERP pages even after months of SEO efforts, PBN method can turn the tides into your favor. Private Blog Network is a powerful technique to create the link juice for the main site.

  1. Gain Competitive Edge

In today’s digital world, the competition is soaring in just about every industry, so the road ahead for a young business is highly complicated. But, you can overcome that either by investing big dollars in Google Ads or build a Private Blog Network. This is a proven strategy to outrank your market rivals with the help of quality references to your business website.

  1. Organic Traffic

PBNs can open flood gates of traffic to your main website, you can significantly increase your organic traffic. So, with PBN you get the ability to reach out to a broader audience base, which in turn will boost traffic to your site. Moreover, the results from PBNs are effective and certain.

How A Private Blog Network Works?

A Private Blog Network is what we call a network of authoritative sites employed to direct quality organic traffic to your money/business website helping the latter to accomplish the top positioning on Google.

The working principle of a PBN network is that each site in the network must not be interrelated to one another. They have to operate as an individual site with backlinks to the main website. So, Google doesn’t have to know that you have a network of blogs linking to your site.  Because then you will end up getting under the radar of Google’s strict penalties.

Why Do Expired Domains Have a Higher DA?

There are two reasons why SEO experts seek out for expired domains. One is, Google has the age of the domain as a ranking factor. If you are able to buy a domain operative for years, you will discover that it has a good DA. The second and significant reason being the expired domain has more link juice.

How To Get Expired Domains?

Finding a quality expired domain is a tedious and hassle-full process. But, your research work can make it easy. There also many websites selling expired domains, just need to find them out.

Maintaining a Private Blog Network

Managing a private blog network is somewhat taxing, both in terms of monetary requirements & human resources needed. As the marketing manager or the business owner you need to maintain these sites to avail their many benefits, otherwise they will be labeled as PBN by Google, and all your efforts will go vain. So, would you like this to happen to your PBN? Then, you got to put in the efforts for the management; also you can also contract a trustworthy company to keep a tap on your PBN sites.

How To Build a PBN Network From Scratch?

If you want to create a Private Blog Network, then you are required to follow the below step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Buy quality expired domains, but make sure they have zero spam score. Depending upon the domain’s popularity, the pricing of buying vary. The domains must have high PR and good backlinks.

Step 2: Now, once you have decided on the domains to buy, you purchase the hosting. Here, follow the rule of thumb of buying hosting from multiple sites as different hosting servers would mean Google won’ t be able to trace your PBN. Buy hosting from top-ranked hosting companies such as the Blue Hosting.

Step 3: To create a valuable Private Blog network built blogs on free social platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, the Blogger, and many others. Typically, it is perfect if you have multiple RPDs for the creation of the blog.

Step 4: Publish a number of posts, at least 10-15 on each site. Then, share the articles or the content on various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step 5: Implement a well-formulated SEO strategy for the PBN network.

Step 6: Lastly, get a backlink from these sites.

Is PBN Worth It?

You probably are having doubts regarding PBNs worth. Does it work? The answer is yes, as long as the link building strategy isn’t dead, PBNs are there to stay. And why not, after all, they are just another blog.

Numerous studies done in recent times are advocating the case for PBN to be enforced to get startups off the ground.

75% of the people have lifted their search engine rankings by 40% in just one month; well that’s a popular stat prevalent all over the Internet.

Now, Is the Million Dollar Question- Is PBN a Black Strategy?

This mainly depends upon your purpose of forming a private blog network. Is it to spam your business rivals? Then, in that case, you will have to face strict actions for breaching Google guidelines. On the flip side, if you’re doing it to provide your prospective customer base with quality information via Private Blog Network Technique.

What If Google Detects By Private Blog Network Strategy?

In a scenario, your Private Blog Network is leaving too much footprint over the Internet; Google will quickly detect it & de-index the link juice created by the network. However, to your good fortune, the execution of this penalty takes three to four weeks, so in the meanwhile, you don’t need to eliminate the links unless Google has issued you a warning notice.

To boil down, as long as you know the science of Private Blog Network you will be going to avail a myriad of perks from the implementation of this SEO technique, but your one mistake can prove to be costly for the business site.


Building a private blog network is not a walk in the park, it involves a lot of research work combined with practical experience to formulate a strategy not only brings organic results but also adheres to the Google guidelines. You need to talk to the SEO ninjas of Imark InfoTech today!

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