What Is Cached Data And How To Clear Cache In Android & iPhone

What is cached data is a very common question for android smartphone users. The cached data is one type of data storage. You can browse the internet through a web browser in your android device or computer. Web browser stored a cache on your computer hard drive or phone storage. Cache is a collection of web pages including the text, images, and media. This stored cache data helps in improving the user experience. With the help of cached data, your web browser opens web page quickly on your next visit to the particuler web page. The cached data can consume the memory of your available storage on the device.

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There are lots of people are using an android smartphone. And they using many android applications and android games in daily life. But most of the android smartphone users are don’t know about the what is the cached data, app data and force stop. So today in this article we are going to share what is cached data in your android device. As you all know android os partitions the main memory of your android device into different parts like cached data and users data. Now a days all the web browsers like google chrome, Mozilla firefox, opera mini, uc browser, safari, internet explorer and much more are use the clear cache features. Clear cache is a very easy process on your computer or android device.

What Is Cached Data

You might have noticed that when you are installing a new app it works properly but after some times it works very slow. This problem occurs due to the app store some amount of data. App data is a collection of the cache and other saved information like your login information, username, password and preference settings within the app. If you are not clear the app cache then results in slow app performance and overall slow phone performance. Clearing the app data deletes the complete app account history.

Clearing cached data of your web browser means browser need to load the new copy of the particular web page from the website. And if your internet connection is very slow then it required a more time to load a web page because you cleared a cache of the browser.

Why You Need To Clear Cache

Now comes to the main and most important question do we need to clear out the cache or app data? So first you know why you need to clear the cache of your browser. There are many reasons to clear the cache of your web browser. If you are getting 404 error or 502 error on your browser then you need to clear a cache. Because this type of error occurs when your browser cache is corrupted. This stored data helps in improving the user experience. But it also increases the load on the phone memory. So you need to clear your cache of your phone. You will also get some free memory space on your android device.

How to Clear Cached Data on Android

Clear cached data on the android device is a very easy process. You can clear the app data and cache data in few seconds. Today we are going to clear the cache of facebook. Please note that this tricks only applicable on android device. Follow the below step by step process to clear the cache on your android device.

  • The first step to open a setting app on your android device.
  • Find and click on the application manager option.
  • There all the application displayed is installed your android device.
  • Now find the application which you want to clear cache data.
  • We click on facebook for clear the cache of this application.
  • Here you will see three options like force stop, uninstall updates, clear cache, and clear data.
  • For clear the cache of an app just click on the clear cache option.
  • After click on clear cache option, it will automatically clear the cache of your application.
  • But if you want to delete all the data of the app then click on the clear data option.
  • And it will show a new popup window like delete app data and just click on ok button.
  • That’s it now your android smartphone work very smoothly.

I hope you understand the what is cached data. So whenever you want to clear the cache data then follow the above methods. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article then feel free to comment below.

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