What is Waves Cryptocurrency Platform

Waves is the name given to the blockchain based project and also the name of the crypto-coin that acts as gas to the blockchain. This platform allows individuals to make customized tokens which means that they can develop and launch their own cryptocurrencies.

The platform has integrated various physical currency gateways which allow users to decentralize crowdfunding and trading as well. In less than ten minutes, businesses can launch their various Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects and this can be done without an intensive crypto coding procedure. The main aim of this platform is to generate customized tokens.

This platform also comes with a decentralized exchange which will ensure that users get a pleasant trading environment that is filled with additional amazing features.

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NG was developed and launched on the Waves platform. This newly developed sub-platform helped to improve the general speed level of the platform, as it could handle hundreds of transactions in seconds – according to an article from satoshisbrain.com. This feature makes it one of the fastest blockchain based project in the world right now. The platform allows users to manage, publish, store and even trade various digital assets.

According to the developers, this platform should not be described as a substitute to the Bitcoin platform, it seeks to provide an avenue where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, fiat currencies and any form of digital or physical money can be transferred, arranged, modified and spend on services like domain registration, hosting, online shopping, gift cards etc, in a fully decentralized manner.

Features of the Waves Cryptocurrency Platform

  1. Waves.NG: this platform that was developed on the Waves network seeks to ensure that the platform is fast. In seconds, this platform can carry out hundreds of transactions. Most people have argued that this platform is the fastest blockchain based project right now.
  2. WavesDex this is an in-built platform which ensures that all Wave users can trade Bitcoin and altcoins in a decentralized exchange.
  3. Easy smart contracts: the Waves platform ensure that smart contracts are not as complex as they are on other platforms
  4. Creation of customized tokens: the platform allows users to create token and also launch different ICO projects.

How and Where to Buy the Waves Cryptocurrency

This cryptocurrency can be bought either on its decentralized exchange or other exchanges like; Bittrex, Livecoin, Gate.io and Binance.

Also, you can buy this token through a Waves client with either your credit cards or through paid partnerships. Buying from the client will mean that you can buy the digital token with a list of fiat currencies as well cryptocurrencies.

The simplest way to purchase the Waves token is to buy either Ether or BTC tokens and have them exchanged on various exchanges for Waves. So many exchanges support the exchange of the Waves token for other digital tokens on their platforms.


  • The platform supports crowdfunding
  • It has an in-built decentralized exchange that is functional
  • The platform has partnered with various organizations
  • It has a finite supply of Waves token.


  • Security concerns surround the platform
  • The cryptocurrency cannot be bought on so many exchanges.
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