Vocational licenses to drive in Singapore for Uber & Grab drivers

Most of the adults from today’s world do drive around the city with their vehicles. It has become a common thing, as it helps most of us to get to different places easily and on time. Cars have been one of the best inventions made by the mankind, as it has helped millions of people across the world to travel seamlessly and very quick enough as well.

It is mandatory for each and every individual who is an adult to have a license before they start driving. If the person is learning to drive, then it is essential that the person holds a learner’s license. It is against the law if someone if driving a vehicle if they do not possess a license. So, it is a good practice to hold a license when we are driving on the roads in cities and states.

Uber has helped millions of people across the world to earn a livelihood by driving their cars for the company. It is a fact that, the drivers who work for this organization are recruited on a contract basis. The firm has helped the public to commute to different places in a lesser time and at affordable prices with its service.

Grab is another organization, which is a technology oriented company, with ride-hailing services for the people. People can hail the cabs through the “Grab” app for them to travel around the city. The service is available predominantly in Southeast Asia. The countries in which the service is available are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia in specific.

A vocational license is something similar to that of a driving license, an individual needs to have a vocational license before they start driving any kind of vehicle in Singapore. There are a few application forms which the concerned person needs to complete to get the vocational license for driving. If the person is driving a bus or a minibus, it is said that the person should possess a Basic Certificate Disclosure as well.

Both the organizations have decided to provide the vocational licenses to the drivers who are working for them. The companies have made the initiative to create websites which will help the drivers to apply for the license effortlessly. They have made it easier for the drivers in Singapore to be able to drive their vehicles on the streets legally.

The drivers can apply for the vocational license with the help of the websites which they have been specifically for this purpose. At the end of all the applications from the drivers who work under Uber & Grab in Singapore. The license which is been applied is for the drivers who are driving the cabs in Singapore, and it is obvious that the license is a mandate for the person to drive.

This is initiative is because the company wants to make sure that their drivers will be still working even after the new set rules for the licensing of the drivers. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) stated that they will be providing applications for the Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational License (PVDL). Uber and Grab are private organizations and they have the hired the drivers to drive their cars around the city under them.

It is said that the applications for the PDVL will be available for the drivers to download from the website of LTA. The drivers are supposed to send the application forms before the June 30th of 2017. Once they have completed with it, they will have a year for them to complete the 10-hour course for the PDVL license.

Drivers who are unable to fill in their applications before the deadline have to stop driving the private hire cars. Unless and until the driver will not possess a PDVL license they should not drive the private hire cars. If the driver is able to have one, then they will be allowed to drive the private hire cars. For the person to have the PDVL license they need to pay the fees for it and the estimated cost of the license would be around 250 dollars.

There are a few drivers who do not drive the cars on a full scale; instead, they do it as a part-time job. One of the drivers stated that they would drive for around 30 hours in a week if they need to pay for the license, then they would prefer to give back the car, rather than paying for the license. Uber stated that roughly the license would cost 250 dollars for every individual driver; it is inclusive of application fees, course fees, test fees and a medical examination as well.

It is said that the price for the license might rise up if the driver had to undergo a test on English literacy. As both the organizations have stated that they will be financing the cost of the license fees for the PDVL, the drivers can go ahead and apply for it. Once the drivers have completed the 10-hour course, the officials from the company stated that the drivers need not work on their scaffold.

Uber and Grab have denied to state on how much it would cost them on the whole. It is said that there are around 10, 500 private hire car drivers according to the analysis taken by the Manpower Ministry. If we consider the facts and figures, then, on the whole, it would cost them around 2 million dollars. Apart from that Uber is planning to put up medical checkup camp at its office in Paya Lebar.

It is as well planning to organize the Singapore Taxi Academy (STA) trainers, as they can train the drivers on the 10-hour PDVL course during the evenings and the weekends as well. The course is split up into two as 8 hours of classroom training and 2 hours of the self-study as well. This will help the drivers to learn about the safety rules and regulations, the way things would work in the ride-hailing industry, and the quality of service which is being provided to the riders.

The Singapore head of Uber stated that they are not intentionally planning to have the drivers to stick on with their business. It is just that they are trying to give a lending hand for the drivers to get the PDVL and the fact is that the drivers do have other options to opt for and it is not a necessity for them to get licensed.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of Grab has stated that they are not yet sure with the amount which they will be financing for the license. All they were their drivers to possess a PDVL license is an effortless way and it will make sure to get that done. But, it is said that the company would be investing around 10 million dollars on the GrabCar platform, which will finance the licensing of the drivers.

One of the undeniable facts is that they do want to get the process in a seamless and easier way to have their drivers around. Both the organizations have been providing a great service to the public with its ride-hailing service. Apart from that, it has helped the hundreds of drivers to earn a few extra dollars as well. With the new updated terms and conditions of the licensing system in Singapore for the private hire car drivers. This initiative from the companies is obviously a great relief.

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