How To Track UK Visa Application Status Online

Hey are you looking for how to track UK visa application status then you are the right place. Now you can easily check UK visa application status online. For track visa status you must have passport number or visa reference number.

United Kingdom visa applicants when submit their application to the home office faces a common issue is a waiting time. But here is good news for you is the government of the United Kingdom launched a system to check united kingdom visa application status online.

Requirements To Check UK Visa Status

  • Case ID or Case Identification Number: It is an 8 digit number you received from home office. You must need to include 0 at the beginning of a number. But if your Case ID number starts with 0 then you don’t need to include.
  • Biometric Resident Permit Number (BRPN): You can find this number on the biometric resident permit number is a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Unique Application Number (UAN): You can found this number on all the emails received from home office is 16 digit number.
  • Immigration Health Surcharge Number (IHS): For receiving this number first you need to pay the NHS immigration health surcharge. Once payment successful you will receive HIS number. This number is a combination of letters and numbers.

Track UK Visa Application Status

Make sure you must have all above information to track your united kingdom visa status.

Method 1: Check UK Visa Status Using GWK Number

Now you can check united kingdom visa status using GWF number when you contact UK visa service or email. Without GWF number united kingdom visa department cannot give you application status.

Method 2: Check UK Visa Status Online

Follow below step by step process to track status of united kingdom visa online.

  • The first step to visit UK Visa Status Check website.
  • Now enter all above details like Case ID, UAN, PRN, BRPN and HIS number.
  • Once you enter click on track button to check current status.

I hope guys you like this guide. If you have any question regarding this article then feel free to comment below.

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