Top 5 Reasons to Use Tekmetric Shop Management System if You are In Repair Business

Ever since the 20th century, technology has drastically changed the lives of how people work. The business operations of everyone in the industry are now revolving around what we call the Internet. Even the car repair business is finding ways to get in on the bandwagon and enjoy the technological innovations of today’s world.

Moreover, this is what were are talking about today – how the auto repair business is benefiting from all of this. Specifically, how this industry can benefit from the services of Tekmetric’s shop management system.

Without further adieu, here are the top reasons why every car repair business should invest in Tekmetric’s shop management system:

1. No Need to Worry about Time and Space

Since the rise of technological innovations, people have started storing and retrieving things on the internet; thus, everyone and everything has now become digital. With Tekmetric, you can be sure that your business will save tons of time and space. You can actually minimize the turnaround time for many of your business operations, such as back-office operations, scheduling of appointments, accounting, ordering parts, estimating, diagnosing, and of course, repairing the actual vehicles.

2. Track Your Business Performance

In addition, you also get to attain your auto repair shop’s objectives and properly monitor its performance. Nonetheless, with this system, you can fully understand your business operations and point out the gaps you need to improve on. With Tekmetric’s shop management system, you can visibly see into your sales, profits, parts orders, technicians’ productivity, even the productivity of your service writer. This is what is known as the 360-degree view of your business that Tekmetric can provide to you.

3. Get to Know Your Customers

Moreover, with this shop system, you can engage your customer; thus, knowing and understanding more how they think, act, and what motivates them to avail of the products and services in the auto repair industry. This knowledge can be proven useful as you get to develop a personal connection with them. With Tekmetric, you gain a competitive advantage by staying connected with your customers.

4. Fast Track Your Business’ Repair Process

In addition to what Tekmetric can do to your auto repair business, the time it takes to accurately estimate the whole repair process can be cut short as you can now quickly, as well as reliably, make use of the shop management system tools. Tools include the ProDemand Estimator which is heavily incorporated into your shop’s business operations. With this, you can fast track the repair process by fast-tracking the diagnostic and estimation processes.

5. Achieve a More Organize Car Repair Shop

A car repair shop can be quite messy for the fact that the tools, materials, equipment used ranges from huge and bulky to small and many. Nonetheless, this is not an excuse to not keep it tidy. With Tekmetric’s shop management system, you can easily keep track of everything – and we mean everything! You can keep track of your technicians’ schedules, repair orders, parts and inventory, customer appointments, prospect list, invoices, customer and vehicle records, and more.


With Tekmetric, you can effectively access all of your data anywhere at any time – even without the internet. You can see everything that is going on inside your shop. You are granted access and power to closely monitor each employee as well as their tasks for that day. Moreover, you get to measure their level of effectiveness and such. The beauty in all of these is that this platform promotes an enterprise-level of security. You no longer have to worry about losing any valuable asset or data due to having it misplaced, technical errors, theft, and more.
In conclusion, you can always take advantage of what technology has to offer. It was clear from the beginning that the auto repair industry will hugely benefit from the rise of digital tools. With the aid of a shop management system, those who own an auto repair business can confidently access Tekmetric’s all-in-one platform which has been proven to manage every aspect of your business in a secure and more convenient way.

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