How To Survive School Being Pregnant – Advice For Pregnant Teenager

Education Is Extremely Extremely Important

Do not drop out of school! Because your education is very important factor in a fulfilling life for you and your child.

If you know who the Father is, please tell him about this. This may be a stressful time for you and it is better if you have his support.

An unexpected pregnancy is never easy and very challenging, especially for a student. But in return rewards are very huge. Studies show that 3% young women will become pregnant at least once before the age of 18.

In law, When you become a mum and if you are under 16 then you can continue with your education. Also allowed to take 18 weeks off from your school. So don’t feel under pressure to leave school just because you are pregnant.

And it’s important to share your fears with a school teacher, principal, guidance counselor so they should be supportive and encouraging, rather than judgemental. It will make your school time table easier and you need not feel afraid to go to school.

In case if a school doesn’t feel right for you then don’t worry there may be other options is available for you is some country offer young mums’ schools. So ask your local council if there’s one in your area. If you have good internet access at home then it’s good news for you because you can enroll in an online public school program. That means doing all of your learning from home.

If your parents can’t take care of the baby while you are at school you need to find a baby sitter or other who can help out with the baby.

As you all know abortion is the first solution in this situation. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing an abortion for some reasons that’s ok there are so many other solutions is available. If you decide to get an abortion, a doctor gives you medical note to get you excused from school.

It is very important for everyone to realize that the pregnancy can be okay, as long as the decisions made are well thought out. Discuss with your friends, family, and school to support you during pregnancy. Once you discuss this with your family you will see that a lot of burdens will have come off.

You are also meet many rude people who will give you unsolicited advice. You will continue to field unwelcome questions and comments. But keep the faith. Being a young very hard to survive, but when your child grows up it will feel like poetic justice.

You have so many good people around you to support you and your baby. So continue studying and finish your schooling. And you will be more mature and you can take career decisions on your own.

Final Words

Please do not refrain from going to school or give up your dreams. Start talking to people. I am sure that your parents and close friends will definitely support you in the long run.

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