Software Updates On Smartphones: Why Should You Do It?

Quite often we get notifications on our smartphones saying it’s time to update the device. Of course, some people do it immediately keeping in mind how important it is.

However, for most of us, these notifications seem to be quite annoying. We think our phones work quite well just the way it is. Then why do we have to keep updating our phones every two weeks or so?

Smartphones benefit a lot from installing regular software updates. David Payette from recommends keeping your apps and phone software up to date to avoid any bugs and keep your battery from draining quickly.  Even if you are just a normal user? Yes, you need to.

Software updates help in updating the operating system of your smartphone which is necessary for the device to perform to its optimum level. There are many people who believe that these updates would corrupt their smartphones or be harmful to the data stored on their phone memory.

However, this is not true. Getting your smartphones updated regularly fixes all the issues associated with the integration of hardware and software. This improves the performance of the device and the experience of the user as well.

Not all updates include the introduction of new features. Some updates are just meant to fix bugs and for improvement. What are some of the major benefits of software updates on smartphones?

Enough Security So That Cyber Criminals Can Be Outsmarted

Most of the smartphone users have a concern regarding the security of the data that gets stored automatically on these devices. The data stored by users while making online purchases and during financial transactions is also a major concern.

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for ways to steal confidential data from smartphones for their personal gain. Software systems always have certain flaws attached. Manufacturers are finding different ways by which these flaws can be fixed and criminal hackers can be outsmarted.

Hence, the most compelling reason to install software updates on your smartphones is to improve the security of your device. Make sure you regularly install the security upgrades on your smartphone whenever you get a notification. This will protect your phone and its data from the hackers.

Helps In Fixing Bugs

Bad user experience is a common issue faced by smartphone users. The main reason behind this is smartphones face issues while using operating systems of certain versions. At times these issues can even be seen in newly launched smartphones. There are several hundreds of components within a smartphone. To perform well all these components need to operate to its optimum level. There are times when malfunctions take place. Software upgrades help in sorting out these issues quickly.

Faster Performance

Keep in mind that technology is ever changing. Every time you update your smartphone’s software you get several features that are new or improved. These updates will give you a Bluetooth connection or WiFi connection that is much faster in performance.

Improves Consumption Of Battery

Installing the software updates on your phone regularly causes your device to function perfectly. This means the consumption of battery charge on your smartphone also improves. Your battery won’t get drained quickly.

Fixes Hardware Malfunctions

At times the hardware components of your smartphone could also malfunction. This could be due to recent upgrades of the device or an error in the operating system. Though quite rare such issues can also be fixed by installing system updates on your phones.

Enhances The Stability Of The Device

Smartphones use its hardware to run its software just like how a computer operates. When changes are made to the software through the usage of additional services or by adding a new application it could affect the performance of the device.

The manufacturers and developers of the device constantly carry out tests on the software and applications to find out what’s causing this instability. Based on their findings they release new software upgrades that take care of these problems. This, in turn, enhances the stability of the smartphone.

By installing software updates the following changes can be noticed on your smartphone:

  • Better handling of operations
  • The layout of your device is more attractive
  • Increased response to touch

So, would you ignore the software updates on your phone the next time? Make sure you wouldn’t. This will not just improve the performance level of your device but will keep it secure enough. Always remember that the download would be worth it as it could stop your smartphone from being hacked and your valuable data from being shared with the outside world.

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