How To Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error In Android [Solved]

Screen Overlay Detected, How To Turn Off Screen Overlay: Hey guys are you looking for how to fix screen overlay detected in your android device. Then you are right place because today in this article we are going to share how to fix screen overlay detected in Android device.

Screen Overlay Detected

I will guide you how to turn off screen overlay detected in android mobile. This error is a permanent error so you need to apply permanent solution for fix this error. If you don’t apply permanent solution for fix this error then it will appear every time when you open the particular app on your device.

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Screen overlay detected is a very common error for android Marshmallow users. Because of mostly android marshmallow users are facing this error. And which will now allow to open and run the app. This error is extra security feature provided by Android to stop some unauthorized application. Which is installed from other unauthorized sources than google play store.

Steps To Solve Screen Overlay Detected

  • The first step to download Screen Overlay Detected app From Here
  • After download install on your android device.
  • Now open the app and click on Turn Off button for all installed app.
  • After click on turn off button, you need to disable “Draw Over Other App” permission.

If you have installed any apps from another source then you may face this type of error. Because in this app no any default Android setting is available. So whenever you think to install a new app in your android device make sure install it from Google Play Store and your app contains the default Android settings.

Before going to fix screen overlay detected in the android phone first you need to know why this type of error occurs in your smartphone. Because of if you know why this error occurs so that you can easily fix them in few minutes and you also know what the problem is happening.

Screen Overlay Detected

Screen Overlay Detected

As you all know google introduce a new feature draw over other apps in android marshmallow and nougat. This latest feature allows the users to draw over other applications. Which means the app show some information on top of the other installed application on your Android device. So now when you install a new application on your Android device. Sometimes you will get a new pop up screen like screen overlay detected. Because of some installed apps are enable the feature of a draw over other app is currently running in foreground or background. In result, this app may do some unwanted things when screen overlay is running on your Android device. For security purpose, the android shows the pop up screen overlay detected.

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If you are also facing this type of error in your android device then you don’t worry. This is a very common error but it is not any error. This is security feature provided by android in android marshmallow and above operating system. As you all know in android marshmallow when you install the new android app you need to give permission like storage, camera, contacts and much more. Sometimes you need to turn off screen overlay of all application while granting the permission. If any of the application has screen overlay feature is enabled then this screen overlay detected pop up message appears. Screen overlay detected whatsapp is a very common error.

If you are using any memory cleaner app like DU Speed Booster, Clean Master, Go Speed or any other third party cleaner app then first uninstall from your android device. Because this type of app is continuously running in the background. And it required more memory for running in the background in result more battery is consumed by cleaner or speed booster apps. This app shows the memory cleaned percentage is fake data or random number provided. Only this type of can not causing screen overlay detected an error. But there are more apps more other apps are available is also cause this error.

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If you are using ES File Explorer app on your device then first uninstall it because this app also provides built in memory cleaner feature. For memory cleaning, you don’t need any third party apps. Because of for memory cleaning android provide built in feature. After uninstalling this type of apps then follow the below step for fix screen overlay detected an error in your android device.

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Methods To Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error

Method: 1

If you are using an android app like Facebook messenger, internet speed meter, twilight, clean master, lux, etc. In this app the screen overlay option is by default is enabled. So that the chance is very high to face this type of error in your android device.

Before installing any new apps from google play store first you need to check any apps are running in background or not. If any apps are currently running in the background then you need to stop them. And make a sure exit from the currently open app. After that install a new app on your smartphone. By this following this steps, the error is not shown anymore.

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Method: 2

When you install a new app on your device and the screen overly directed pop up screen is more up then first you need to follow the below step by step process. In this steps, you need to disable the all the screen overlay apps.

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Mostly this type of error is solved by uninstalling the unknown apps. If you installed any unknown apps in your android device then uninstalled it. This step easily solves screen overlay error in your android device without following below steps.

  • The first step is an open setting app from your Android device.
  • Scroll down and find the installed apps option is available at last. Just open it.

Screen Overlay Detected

  • Click on setting gear button available at the top bar of the app.

Screen Overlay Detected

  • In next screen under advance option select the Draw over other apps and open it.

Screen Overlay Detected

  • Here you will see a list of apps is the screen over other apps permissions.

Screen Overlay Detected

  • You need to open all app one by one and disable the option Permit drawing over other apps.
  • Now try to open the app you facing this error. You will not see the screen overlay detected pop up screen.
  • After that, you need to again enable the Permit drawing over other apps option for using those apps.
  • If you do not enable an option then you are not able to use this app more.

Method: 3

Mostly this error fix by applying above two methods. But in case if you are not able to fix this error after following above methods then you can try the below steps. As you know Android provide safe mode feature in your smartphone. With the help of safe mode feature, you can easily fix this error. So for fix screen overlay detected an error using safe mode feature you need to follow the below steps.

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  • The first step is to press the power button of your Android device.
  • Press and hold power off option on pop up for at least four to five seconds.
  • And pop up window like a reboot to safe mode is open.
  • You need to click on the ok button for a reboot in safe mode.
  • After successfully reboot your android device open setting app.
  • In setting find the app option and open it.
  • Now find the app you are facing the screen overlay detected error,
  • Next screen you see the app info, here click on permissions option.
  • Enable all the permission for work properly.
  • After enabling all permission to restart your android device.
  • That’s it. The screen overlay detected error is solved in your android device.

Screen Overlay Detected Samsung

Hey, guys if you are using Samsung android phone then the steps of fix screen overlay detected in Samsung is different. Samsung users are also noticing that one handed operation also occurs this error. If you are facing screen overlay detected an error while using the one handed operation you also follow this method. This method is work only for few Samsung mobile phones like Samsung j7, Samsung j7 prime, Samsung A3, Samsung j5, Samsung A9, Samsung A8, Samsung A7 and Samsung S5. So for fix this error in Samsung android smartphone you need to follow the below step by step process.

  • For Samsung devices first, open the setting app from your Android device.
  • After open scroll down at last and find the application option.
  • In the application there are three options are available you need to click on application manager option.
  • Click on three dot button available at the top of the screen.
  • The pop up is open and click on Apps that can appear on top option.
  • Here you will see the list of application with the enable option of Apps that can appear on top.
  • Disable the feature of all apps are available on this list.
  • After disable try to open the app you are facing this error.
  • At last, again go to setting and enable the Apps that can appear on top feature one by one.

Screen Overlay Detected Motorola

The above methods are work for selected Motorola device is given below.

  1. Moto G
  2. Moto G2
  3. Moto G3
  4. Moto G4
  5. Moto G4 Play
  6. Moto G4 Plus
  7. Moto Z
  8. Moto E
  9. Moto E2
  10. Moto E3
  11. Moto E3 Power
  12. Moto M
  13. Moto X Play, X Style

Screen Overlay Detected OnePlus

  1. Oneplus One
  2. One plus 2
  3. One plus X
  4. One plus 3
  5. Oneplus 3T

Screen Overlay Detected LG

  1. LG V20
  2. LG V10
  3. LG G5
  4. LG G5 SE
  5. LG G4
  6. LG X5
  7. LG X Max
  8. LG X Power
  9. LG X Style

Screen Overlay Detected HTC

  1. HTC 10
  2. HTC 10 Evo
  3. HTC 10 lifestyle
  4. HTC One M9
  5. HTC One M9s
  6. HTC One M8
  7. HTC One x9
  8. HTC Desire 10
  9. HTC Desire 10 Pro
  10. HTC Desire 830
  11. HTC One A9

Final Words:

I hope you can easily fix this error on your Android device. This error is a very common error for android marshmallow and nougat users. If you are facing any issue during fix this error then feel free to comment below. If you find this article is helpful for you then don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks for visiting this site. Keep visiting for more interesting updates.

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