How to Repaint your Garage Door Efficiently

The color of your garage door weighs you down or has tarnished over time? It’s time to give it a little brushstroke. You do not know where to start? Follow these tips to repaint your door successfully. Please note that this blog only deals with metal doors. For wooden garage doors, you can contact a local dealer to explain the steps. You may also DIY-Garage-Door-Parts as well in all over the USA for any garage door repairing or parts issue.

How to Repaint Your Garage Door

DIY-Garage-Door-Parts not only allow you to buy garage door and garage parts online, but also at the same time they have maintenance guy, who will not fix you garage door as well as your future garage door problems. Anyhow, let’s check how we may paint our garage doors successfully.

  • For oil painting

If you want to use oil paint, you will not be able to get it in a big box store. Indeed, under a regulation on the use of lead in oil paints, you will need to contact a professional. Only professionals are willing to sell this type of product.

In big box stores, you will only find water-based paints. You can use several products of big brands to carry out your work: SICO, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, DULUX, Behr, etc.

  • The tools

You will need some tools to paint your garage door, as well as about a gallon of paint (4 liters) of the color of your choice. Warning: avoid choosing dark colors, if your door is used to be very exposed to the sun. Over time, the freezing and thawing of the floor causes the metal of the door to contract and expand, which tends to wobble. Of course, this warning does not apply if trees protect your home from sunshine.

  • Here are the tools you will need:

Use a nylon or polyester synthetic silk brush to complete the work. The recommended brush width is 10 centimeters. For the roll, choose one with short bristles, woven fibers, and a width of 15 centimeters.

You will also need linens to clean the mess as well as a paint tray and sandpaper. Tape may also be useful if you want to hide the outline of your windows during the work.

  • Application of the base layer

Use a coat of primer to improve the adhesion of the finishing paint, if your door is old or if the paint has tarnished with the years. The primer is suggested if you see the steel under the enamel come out or if rust has formed on the surface. In such a case, a zinc phosphate primer will do the trick. If you are applying a primer, do not forget to allow the product to dry for 16 hours before finishing.

  • The finishing layer

After applying your paint, allow the surface to dry completely before adding a second coat as needed. The paint always adheres better on a clean and dry surface. For best results, use a matte or semi-gloss finish.

  • Cleaning the door

For a successful painting, it is necessary to proceed to a good cleaning of the door before the work. To do this, wash each door panel with a phosphate-based solution to remove dirt and oily residue. If necessary, roughen the sections of your door with sandpaper – especially cavities -; this will create a better membership profile. Use a damp cloth to rinse and a vacuum cleaner to dust off after sanding.

For best results, you can call a garage door specialist. Specialty painting companies are the best qualified to do this type of work. They use an industrial grade paint, which they apply to the door using a vaporizer. This optimizes the results and ensures a professional quality of work. Some companies may also set up temporary shelters to prevent insects from sticking to the door during paint application.

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