5 Reasons To Pick Soda PDF

Gone are the days when people used to work on Word documents as PDFs have taken over the world due to their benefits. They are not only being used by individuals, but also by businesses all around the globe.

soda pdf

PDF is not really a new format, but it is only now that it is being used so extensively.

This increased usage of PDFs means that people look for PDF readers that can do far more than just viewing the document. Most of the people working in the offices need an interactive software to edit and work on their PDF documents.

This is actually easier said than done since there are a number of PDF readers out there on the market, all claiming to be the best. But of course, they are not created equal.

Our personal favorite is Soda PDF as it is not only one of the most advanced PDF readers out there, it is also very easy to use and comes with some amazing features, too.

Whether you’re a CEO of a company or a freelance worker, here are five reason why you should consider using soda PDF over any other PDF reader.

  • It is More than a Normal viewer

Soda PDF does not only support PDF documents, but it can also support .ePub and comic book files. You can even view files in 3D with this amazing software. This removes the need to have multiple software as Soda PDF can do it all.

Moreover, it can also connect to the cloud, allowing you to directly upload files online, which helps save time and trouble.

  • It Is Free to Use

The basic version of Soda PDF is free to use. However, a free version is not all that the tool offers as you can also get a paid version to enjoy additional features. Moreover, for businesses, there is an enterprise version that can do even more.

This huge variety makes it the right choice for all kind of users.

  • It Has More Editing Features

Soda PDF offers more than just few basic editing skills. You can also insert new pages, reorder or delete entire pages and even split oe PDF document into multiple documents.

Moreover you can insert images and media files and edit their resolutions as well. Other than this, the app also lets you zoom in and out without destroying the quality.

You can even use tools like highlighting, commenting to take notes. Additionally, the software is updated on a regular basis with new features to make it even better.

  • It is More Secure

With Soda PDF you can secure your PDFs files without any trouble. It does not only allow you to password protect your files, but also use redaction option to permanently hide confidential information. Moreover, you can also use cosigning tool to add extra signatures to previously signed document.

  • It Has E-Signing Option

You can easily e-sign documents by using Soda PDF. With many businesses now accepting e-signatures, this is a great feature to have.

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