One Plus Refer And Earn Amazon Gift Card, Smartphone & 1 Crore

One Plus 3T Best Smartphone Contest

How to Register in One Plus Contest

one plus refer and earn

  • Link your account to your social media accounts.
  • Answer one question “Which one is India’s Best Rated Smartphone” and Answer is Oneplus 3T.

one plus refer and earn

  • After that click on Play Now button. And complete the first task by sharing on Facebook OR Twitter.

one plus refer and earn


  • You’ll get 200 points for sharing on twitter or facebook.

one plus refer and earn

  • You have to Come back on 15, 22, 29, 5, 12th to Complete other tasks to earn more points.

One Plus Points

You can use this points to redeem vouchers and other prizes. Points can be redeemed by completing 6 weekly tasks and 200 points for each task maximum.

  • 800 one plus points can redeem Rs. 500 Amazon Gift Card.
  • 1000 one plus points can redeem Rs. 1000 Amazon Gift Card and
  • 1200 one plus points can redeem Rs. 2000 Amazon Gift Card or Lucky Draw Ticket.

Lucky draw winners get a chance to win golden tickets.
Golden ticket winners play the final round of the contest with Amitabh Bachchan. And 1 winner takes home the Rs. 1,00,00,000 prize.

Full Details Of The One Plus Contest

One plus Contest will start from 9th March 2017 at 9:00 am and ends on 22nd June 2017 at 12:00 a.m.
To be eligible for this Contest you must answer the best smartphone contest question correctly during the Contest Period.

The different stages of the one plus contest are

  • 9th March to 19th April – lucky draw tasks.
  • 26th April – Top 10 lucky draw winners are the announcement.
  • 27th April – 25th May- Video shoot of 10 top winners.
  • 26th May to 7th June – Voting for videos of top 10 winners.
  • 8th June – Announcement of 5 finalists.
  • 22nd June – 5 finalists play the Best Smartphone contest with Amitabh Bachchan for Rs 1,00,00,000 prize.
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