How To Mirror/Connect PC or Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly

Hey, guys, are you want to connect your laptop/pc to smasung smart tv wirelessly then you are the right place. Today in this article we are going to share how to mirror PC screen to Samsung Smart TV wirelessly.

Now it’s become very easy to connect laptop/pc to Samsung smart tv or any other tv. There are so many ways to mirroring your laptop/pc display to the TV like both wireless and wired.

Method 1: Samsung Smart View

Samsung provides a smart view feature for mirror your laptop/pc to Samsung smart tv. This feature allows you to add files or whole folder from your pc to smart view and you can play this on your smart tv. You can also create a playlist of your all favorite movies, photos and media.

For connecting your PC/Laptop/Android device to Samsung smart tv you need to follow below step by step process.

  • First, connect your mobile/pc and Samsung smart tv to the same wireless network.
  • Download the Samsung smart view app from here.
  • After that launch the app and click on connect to tv option.
  • Now select the tv you want to connect (Make sure your tv is turned on).
  • That’s it you successfully connect Laptop/pc to TV wirelessly.

Method 2: Mirror PC/Laptop To Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly

If you are using windows operating system on your laptop or desktop computer then you can easily connect to TV wirelessly. You need to follow step by step process is given below.

  • The first step connects PC/Laptop and TV on the same network.
  • Go to start menu and select the setting option.
  • Now open the devices option and click on the connected devices option.
  • Here you can find the add a device button just click on it.
  • Wait until your PC finished detecting your device, After process complete, you can find the list of devices you need to click on your TV option.
  • In case if your tv does not automatically connect then right click on tv option and select the display setting.
  • Now set the duplicate these display and click on the connect to a wireless display option.
  • That’s it you successfully connect Laptop/pc to TV wirelessly.

Method 3: Using HDMI Cable

If you want to connect your pc to smart tv using wired method then you need an HDMI port and if possible then one adapter for your pc. The wired method is more reliable than wireless method because in wireless method sometimes you face a crisp display and bit of lagging. So the HDMI cable is the best way to mirror pc screen to tv.

If you don’t have HDMI cable then you need to buy from Amazon or flipkart. You can also buy HDMI cable from the nearest computer shop. Now you need to simply connect one end of the HDMI cable to the laptop or desktop and connect another end of the HDMI cable to the smart tv. After that turn on your tv and set up necessary settings and that’s it you successfully connect your pc to tv using HDMI cable.

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