How to Make Anonymous Calls for Free Quickly & Easily

These days, it’s likely to have a second phone number that you can utilize for various determinations (personal and professional). Making anonymous calls from your phone is a better way to secure your privacy. Here are fascinating ideas to make anon calls.

Fake My Phone

You can insert a number to display. The person you’re calling perceives only that caller ID, rather than yours. So, you can easily talk to someone else. You can also Adopt a unique voice for your phone calls. You’ll mislead your family and friends into thinking you’re a different person. Just adjust the setting before you place an artificial phone call. It’s also termed as spoof call out there. Not enough? The main advantage is that you can also Enter any text that should be talked by a male or female voice. Try making a call from their website.



Hushed, produced by AffinityClick, is currently one of the popular apps for making anonymous calls. The app has a brilliant, intuitive design and lets you pick area codes from more than 40 diverse countries. It utilizes your data or Wi-Fi network to place the calls, so there are no costly service charges for long-distance calls. There’s also a voicemail box that’s separate from your chief one. The app works for both Android and iOS and awards a free 3-day trial. You can spend for a particular number with relatively inexpensive ingoing/outgoing per minute rates, or join an actual plan. Hushed also enables texting, though the trait is only available for the US, Canada, and the UK for now.

Untraceable calls

The website does everything to make your calls untraceable by using a modification of techniques to guarantee the call information is not designated at any point. Both the caller and the recipient get incoming calls from blocked or random numbers. All signaling data is encrypted as they make sure the connection on the backend is safe. Even when working with your app or browser, no device has the way to any number, not even ourselves.


Bluff My Call

Bluff My Call is the original and exclusive service that lets you use any Caller ID on the phone, do Voice Changing and Call Recording Worldwide. It has local access numbers around the world and can perform calls to over 950 international destinations. Although they are popular for allowing people to change their Caller ID, several other characteristics are offered. Bluff My Call Mobile makes using the service 100 times simpler. It easily blends with your Phonebook and has a lot of additional features such as emailing your recordings to anyone right from your mobile. Currently Bluff My Call Mobile only operates with Jail Broken iPhones and Blackberry’s.



The risk of snooping, either by the government or network users. Most calls cross the world via VoIP, and both the metadata and voice data are sent unencrypted.

Ghost Call was made to swap all of that. It is an unusual service that enables you to make safe, anonymous calls.

Ghost Call accepts only one thing should be trusted, the things you can notice, for this they employ Linphone. Linphone is a public source, which means the software can be peer-reviewed by anyone, at any time. Ghost Call also supports ZRTP media encryption. ZRTP media encryption concedes for Diffie Hellman key exchange and audible key matching, this confirms that your call is encrypted.


Anonymous phone calls

Anonymous Phone calls is a site that enables you to Leave Free Text to Speech Anonymous Phone Call Messages to Worldwide Phone Numbers.

  • Your message is changed from text to an audio file
  • That audio file is queued for transmission
  • The audio file is then delivered to whoever answers the phone, even an answering device.


TalkU is an open wifi calling app with extensive features. Upon installation, TalkU will combine with your phone book automatically, so you don’t have to tap numbers one by one. Calls and texts among TalkU users are completely free. The best part is that TalkU provides calls to any mobile or landline in over 200 countries at short or no cost. In this way, you can change to this free wifi calling app without matter. Also, you can get existing phone numbers on TalkU. Just deem about the concept of having two numbers on one phone- one for business and the other for family and friends.


This gratis wifi calling app lets you make WiFi calls with your Android to all devices. Rebtel s free to download and easy to use; you don’t have to generate usernames or separate contact lists – just use your phone’s regular address book. Rebtel operates by using your phone’s built-in dialer and automatically combining all your international calls through Rebtel. Low rates enable you to contact people anywhere in the world, even to standard landlines, at the price of composing a local call.


CoverMe also presents free calling and free texting. The various point is the focus. CoverMe concentrates in privacy protection. Designs for private communication such as self-destruct messages. CoverMe provides you full messaging control. You will quickly know when the recipient has read your messages and you can revive or remotely wipe messages.

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