Knowing about VAT for SPAs and Beauty Salons in the UAE

People will now be charged more money for their SPAs, hairstyles and more due to VAT.

From January 1, 2018, VAT was imposed on the people in UAE. Due to the implementation of VAT in UAE, the services offered by the beauty parlours and salons will charge extra money to the people visiting them and getting their services.

Salons and parlors offer different services including grooming, personal care, hairstyles, makeup and much more. All of these services will now come under vat AND PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO pay VAT for it from January 1, 2018, and onwards.

Salons will now raise their prices!

As 5% VAT has been implemented in the people of UAE, the salons and parlours register for vat will now increase their prices. A lot of parlours have already changed their price lists because VAT is mandatory and anyone not abiding by the rules will get punished in one way or the other. contact vat consultants in UAE for support and help.

Raise in personal care services

Women have always been very concerned about their looks and grooming. They have always been seen spending a lot of money on their hair, face and body. Now, not just women but also men have started to take a lot of services offered by the parlours and salons. Due to VAT, the prices will go higher which has frightened the people in UAE. well, there is nothing to worry about. Want to know why? Because experts claim that VAT on beauty salons and parlours will not be a burden on the UAE residents. This is because the VAT rate in the UAE is just 5% which means it will not be a very huge amount people have to pay. BUT the impact will surely be there for the people getting bridal services because there, thousands of dirhams are spent which will make a huge difference after VAT payment.

Note: The salons and parlours ought to obey the rules and regulations of the government by VAT registration in Dubai, UAE.

GCC Countries and VAT

GCC countries have agreed to implement VAT in the region because it will make them less dependent upon the oil and other hydrocarbon products used by them as a source of revenue generators. The money than generate would be used for the welfare of UAE residents. So, there is nothing that should worry about the people because after all, this is what going to benefit them in the long run with better living facilities and more opportunities.

In UAE and Saudi Arabia, VAT got implemented on January 1, 2018, whereas other GCC countries have decided to postpone it till 2019. They will implement it in 2019 as they have already agreed upon levying VAT.

VAT implementation has already started to fear people because of high prices but they should think about the other side of the book as well. Money generated from VAT will be used by the government for the residents themselves which will let them have a good quality life and better facilities.

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