How To Unblock SBI ATM Card Online In 1 Minute

Hey guys, are you looking for how to unblock SBI ATM card then you are the right place. Today in this article we are going to share how to unblock SBI ATM card with easy steps.

Possible Reasons Why Your Card Have Been Blocked

There are so many reasons for blocking SBI ATM card and one of the most common reason is the entering wrong PIN for so many times.

If you enter a wrong pin for 3 times within 24 hours then your card will remain blocked for the next few hours.

Must renew your debit card before it expires. If you forgot to renew then it will be blocked permanently and you can’t able to again activate it.

If you lost your card then you need to block it to prevent misuse. For this, you need to submit an application form to the nearest SBI branch.

Ways To Unblock SBI ATM Card

Method 1: Call SBI Customer Care

Now you can easily unblock SBI ATM card by calling to 1800112211 customer care from your registered mobile number. Once your call has been placed following the IVR and customer executive will ask some details for verification.

Method 2: Send SMS

You can also unblock SBI ATM card by sending SMS to 922340000. In the message, you need to write “BLOCK XXXX” where XXXX is the last four digit of your debit card.

Method 3: Visit Nearest Branch

Simply visit your SBI nearest branch and communicate with customer executive about your debit card issue. Make sure don’t forget to carry your proof and account details. At the branch, you need to fill an application form.

Final Words:

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