How To Remove Someone From Instagram Group Chat

Hey are you want to remove someone from instagram group chat but you don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry today in this article I’m going to show you a complete guide on how to remove someone from instagram group chat.

Recently instagram introduce a new feature to the application called instagram groups. This instagram group feature is a good way to connect with your multiple close friends at one chat room.

After this feature launched a very common question comes in most of the instagram user is how to remove someone from an instagram group.

Before answering this question you need to know something about the instagram groups.

How Instagram Group Works

Instagram allows you to create a group of multiple people and you can add up to 31 people in the same group.

Once you create a new group chat a group story will be automatically created by default. A unique feature of the instagram group chats only last up to 24 hours. That’s means after 24 hours all chat will be deleted. So if you want to save chats you need to press on it until it gives save option to do so.

When any member of the group is online their name will be a popup on the top your keyboard. To view their profile you need to tap on their name bubble.

How To Create Instagram Group

To create a new group simply open the app and click on the new chat icon at the top right corner of the chats screen.

Now add your friends in the group and keep in mind you can add maximum up to 31 people. After that give a new name to your group.

How To Leave Instagram Group

To leave group go to the group chat and tap on the three lines icon at the top right corner. Here you will see a leave group option, simply tap on it to.

Remove Someone From Instagram Group Chat

Unfortunately, there is no option to remove someone from group chat. Even if you have created a group you don’t have any authority to remove people from it.

  • But there are some alternative options is given below:
  • You can ask a member to leave themselves.
  • Leave the group yourself and create a new group.
  • Last option is to wait for instagram to introduce this feature.
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