How To Play Youtube Video Directly In Whatsapp On Android Phone

Youtube video in whatsapp

As you now WhatsApp has Lots of features and many features have been added over the years and here is the good news for the YouTube lovers who loves WhatsApp as we all as and don’t want to leave WhatsApp for watching YouTube videos.

The so-called image in photo mode will show a video box without leaving the main WhatsApp app. It’s no longer but commonly available, but you may get it to your telephone if you’re willing to join WhatsApp’s beta program. This offers you early get right of entry to functions still in development and, in return, WhatsApp receives feedback approximately how the update is appearing on real peoples’ devices.

in case you’re the usage of an Android phone (iOS already has this option), then just go to WhatsApp in the Google Play save as you would to install it. Then scroll down till you see ‘come to be a beta tester’ – click on that and pick the ‘be a part of’ alternative. You will almost get an update from WhatsApp that’ll then take you to the beta version of the official WhatsApp app. right, after you’ve completed all that, you may truly begin the use of the photo-in-image characteristic. After installing the latest beta version of WhatsApp in your telephone, open the YouTube app and faucet the “ahead” button that appears in the top right corner.

From there, you may choose WhatsApp and ahead of it to the group or touch you need to ship it to. The video link will load up with complete name, Meta description, and hyperlink. Tap on the video to play and it’ll begin gambling properly then and there. You may move the video container everywhere around at the screen and you don’t should forestall chatting. There are a few boundaries. You won’t be able to replace the exceptional or enable the captions on the video. If all of this seems like too many paintings. Don’t worry, there’s a strong hazard that WhatsApp Girls wpgrouplink will roll this feature out to the entire Android software in some unspecified time in the future inside the future.

So I am using iOS and iPhone already has this features as you can see this on below screenshot.

Youtube videos on whatsapp

So if you want to use this features on your android device then go to Google play store and apply for beta version.

WhatsApp is also testing a characteristic in an effort to will let you mute videos in chats, if your buddies start pranking you with Rebecca Black motion pictures.

This kind of integration with 1/3-celebration apps is new for the historically naked-bones user enjoy of WhatsApp. Will the Facebook-owned provider heading down the same direction as its cousin, Facebook Messenger, and become a more immersive, incorporated user enjoy? This could be the first step.

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