How To Form Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Using Explainer Videos

There has been an upsurge in social media platforms and channels over the past few years. These platforms are not only influencing our daily lives but they have also transformed the way we set up businesses and how we extend our business propositions to our customers and users. From the way we communicate to how we acquire entertainment, social media channels now encompass every little need of our life routine and business operations.

Social media is now turning into a great medium for marketingand the right use of these platforms allow you to build strong customerrelationships, an improved brand identity and credibility of your brand infront of your audience. However, animated explainer videos have gainedpopularity on social media channels and their use is prevalent in every sort ofmarketing campaign. Brands of every scale and type are opting animated video production services as animated content has the potential to be acknowledged on aglobal spectrum.

If your goal is to boost your presence on social media platforms then here is how you can use an animated explainer video to enhance your digital marketing efforts: 

Brand awareness

Animated video content has now turned into a marketing medium. It could be in the form of a paid promotional campaign or you can use animations in organic marketing, animations would work either way to bring your brand identity to a global scale. With the use of an animated explainer video, you can make your brand message both memorable and interesting for your audience. Animated explainer videos are more popular on social media sites so if you intend to enhance your brand awareness then you can easily display your unique selling propositions in an animated video format.

User engagement

Every other marketing technique is now moving towards digital media. With the advent of social media, you can communicate your brand message in compelling audiovisuals instead of relying on static images or trendy captions and taglines. You can simply use an animated explainer video and exhibit the core values your brand upholds to your audience. Text and images alone are not enough but an animated video with a great voice-over, interesting story and visuals then surely keep your audience engaged at all times. The goal is to generate traffic and animated videos can provide you with great results to increase user engagement.

Potential to go viral

People tend to upload and share digital media on social media platforms often. Animated video content is said to grab viewer attention than any other form of media and that in turn, enhances your user retention rates. You always have the option to create a paid marketing campaign but animated content has the potential to go viral without you having to invest in marketing. If you come up with a great message or story for your animated explainer video then it will surely go viral among the masses. If you manage to let your audience share your video then it would lead to free publicity and your brand name will be advertised across various social media platforms.

Animations are cost effective

By comparing animated content to live action videos, it is certainly true that animations are more cost-effective. Since it is less costly, you can easily use animations on your social media channels and acquire many potential customer leads. The drawback of relying on a live-action video is that it requires a costly video production investment without any guarantee of success. Instead of putting all your efforts into finding a production team and actors for your video, you can simply get an animated explainer video created that has more potential to drive user traffic and attention towards your brand or business.

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