How To Create Google Account Without Mobile Number

Hello guys, are you looking for how to create Gmail account without mobile number or OTP verification then you are the right place. Today in this quick and easy guide we are going to share simple methods to create Gmail without a mobile number.

As we all know Gmail is one of the most popular mailing networks all over the world. You can use Gmail to send and receive professional and non-professional email into your inbox.

When you create a new Gmail account it will ask to enter your personal mobile number for verification. For people who want to use only one account, there is no any problem. But the problem comes when you need to use multiple accounts because Google allows only 5 accounts for one mobile number.

Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Method: 1

  • First, unlock your android device and go to settings option.
  • Scroll down and click on Accounts.
  • Tap on Add account and select Google option.

google account

  • Now click on create a new Google account option.
  • Enter first name & last name and click on Next button.
  • Next, enter your birth date and gender and click on next.

google account

  • Select your username and continue the process.
  • Now it asks you to enter your phone number (Simply skip this step).

google account

  • That’s it your new Google account will be created without a phone number.

Method: 2

You can also create a Google account without entering your real mobile number. That means you need to use an anonymous number to verify your account.

There are lots of third-party services like Receive SMS Online, Receive SMS Now, etc available that’s allows you to receive SMS online for free without registration.

This website provides 10 dummy number that you can use for SMS verification process. You simply need to enter any mobile number when you create a Gmail account. You can find the corresponding verification code in the inbox.

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