How To Hide Online Status & Last Seen on Whatsapp – Android & iOS

Hey, guys are you looking for how to hide online status and last seen on whatsapp then you are the right place. Because today in this article we are going to share some tricks to hide online status and last seen on whatsapp.

Mostly whatsapp users find tricks on whatsapp about how to hide online status, block the contacts you want to hide, how to hide last seen and how to read the message without making blue tick. As you know there are lots of android and ios applications are available on the internet for invisible on whatsapp. But you can also hide last seen and online status on whatsapp without applications.

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Methods To Hide Online Status on Whatsapp

As you know there are no any options available on whatsapp for hiding last seen and online status. So you can not hide with the help of whatsapp you need some other tricks to do this task.

Method 1: Turn on Airplane Mode

For hide online status and hide last seen you need to simply turn on the airplane mode on your android or ios device. After you read all messages simply turn on and your last seen and online status will not update. The best part of this trick is you can read all message while preventing the blue ticks on message.

Method 2: Disable Last Seen

Whatsapp provides the feature like disable the last seen. You need to simply turn on this feature in your application. For enable this feature you need to simply open the whatsapp app and go to Setting >> Account >> Privacy and here set Nobody option.

Method 3: Block Contact

By blocking the contacts you can easily hide the online status and last seen and he/she not able to see your online status and last seen. If you turn on the airplane mode then you will not receive the calls and message. So block the contacts is one of the best options for you. For block the contacts on your whatsapp application just open the whatsapp and go to Settings >> Account >> Blocked >> Add new.

You can also block the contacts by click on the profile and select the three dot option available at top right corner. Here you can find the block option just click on it.

Now if you want to unblock the contact then go Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Blocked Contacts and click on the name & select the unblock option.

Method 4: Download Third Party Application

You can also hide your online status and last seen by downloading third-party applications on your android or iOS device. Hide For Whatsa App is one of the best app available on android market for doing this task.

Download Hide For Whats App

Final Words:

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