What Makes A Number 1 Fitness Headset?

For many, music is a crucial part of the gym experience. Providing you with the motivation and even the energy to take on the next part of your workout, finding the right fitness headset can go a long way to improving your experience. In this post, we review some of the things that make a number 1 fitness headset by looking at some of the most successful and well-liked headsets of the past year.

1. Seamless Wireless Connectivity & Sound:

There is no getting around this. In the year 2017, a seamless wireless connectivity as well as clear sound is a must. Getting rid of the wire to the device and replacing it with Bluetooth or WIFI provides you with a far greater range of movement without the fear of ripping the headphones out of your ear accidently. This is great news if you are a bodybuilder or athlete, as you no longer need to worry about loose cords during an intense exercise or training session. Especially good for those bodybuilders and athletes that use music as a pre-workout motivator along with their pre-workout supplement. A great example of a fitness or gym headset that is great for providing quality sound with wireless connectivity (though is a bit pricey) is the Bose QuiteComfort model, in fact, it is one of the most highly rated headsets to use when working out or exercising.


2. Added Features

Every year headphones become better. One benefit of 2016 and 2017 fitness/workout headsets is that they provide more than just sound. It is becoming increasingly common for fitness/workout headsets to provide added features. One popular feature is tracking heart rate. The Under Armor Sports Wireless Heart Rate is one of many fitness headsets that now possesses this amazingly functional ability.

3. Cost

With the very best of anything, the cost is always a factor. While it is easy to make a headset that costs upwards of
$300+, finding a way to keep the costs down make them more accessible to you and represent a streamlining of the product. When trying to find the #1 fitness headset, look for those under $200. While there may be some benefit with products over $200, the added benefit isn’t always worth the price. The Jaybird X3 does a great job of showing how a solid fitness headset can be below $200 and still well worth buying.

4. Easy To Clean

Last but not least, you are going to want a fitness headset that is easy to clean. Being easy to clean means that you will clean it more frequently, resulting in a product that works better and longer. Some headsets (especially the larger ones) will come with moisture absorbing, washable foam bits that you can clean. Easily removable, headsets like the Urbanears Hellas Rush are a great choice for larger headsets that are still easy to take care of and use on a daily basis.

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