How to Find the Right Digital Phone Service for Your Specific Needs

Getting a smartphone to stay connected is not enough because there are a lot of factors in which smartphone does not help very much as compared to a landline or a digital voice phone. Landline phones play an essential role in our lives, but people forgot about them due to the excessive use of the mobile phones.  Landline calling facility of both local and international calls is much cheaper. The mobile phones security system is much easier to breach as compared to a landline.  In case of emergency when you call the 911 services from the landline phone, they know the exact location. People can only make a crystal-clear conversation through landline phones because mobile phones work on signal catching method in which there is always an issue of signal distortion and that concludes to an unclear discussion to both the parties. Today, we are going to tell you about crystal-clear voice phone services through which you will surely be amazed.

Introduction to Charter and Its Services:

Charter Communications is an American Telecommunications Company which provides services of cable TV, internet, and digital phone service. Charter merges with Time Warner Cables and Bright House Networks using a new brand name for its services known as Spectrum. Charter delivers its services in more than 40 states of United States of America to almost 26 million people. Charter Communications values its relationship with the customers and provide award-winning customer service to users can enjoy the fullest of their life through the Charter Spectrum services.

Digital Voice Phone Communication Service:

Charter Voice service allows users to call unlimited local and long distance calling with a crystal-clear voice quality so people can stay in touch with their loved ones without any distorted communication. Spectrum Phone Service has popular calling features through which users can choose according to their needs. A backup battery is installed in it to use in case of a power shutdown, so the people stay connected to each other.

  • More than 28 popular calling features like Voicemail, Caller ID, and more
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, etc.
  • No added taxes, no hidden charges, no contracts, and 30-days money back guarantee
  • Free 411 directory and 911 emergency assistance respectively

Features of Charter Voice Service:

There are many features of Spectrum Voice service but today we are going to tell you about the exclusive and most attractive ones.


Voicemail is the feature through which the callers can leave a message in case if the users aren’t able to get the call due to any reason. Charter offers this service free of cost for its users.

Caller ID on TV:

If you combine the services of Charter voice and cable TV, you will get a fantastic feature known as Caller ID on TV. This feature allows you to get the information of your caller right on TV without even touching your landline. So if you are watching TV and your landline is in another room, this will help you to know who is calling you, so you don’t miss any of your urgent calls.

Speed Dial:

Speed dial is a feature which is very helpful in calling facility. You can add all of the essential contacts which you usually contacted on a daily basis in a favorites category on a single digit key. So whenever you want to call that important person, press and hold the selected key and it will make the call.

Do Not Disturb:

People usually get in different situations on a daily basis in which they do not want any disturbance. This feature helps you in these situations and allows you to block all the incoming calls instantly.  You can switch off this feature anytime you want.

Call Waiting:

Busy people get a lot of calls in a day, and most of them are very important. So those who don’t want to miss any call, this feature help them to know who is calling when you are already on a call and hold them with a soft tone alert. It will allow the user to keep the conversation going simultaneously at the same time.

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