The Evolution of Mobile Phones

Buying a mobile phone in today’s world is the easiest and simplest since the evolution of the mobile phones. The digital revolution has made it very easy to do many things on a smart phone; however it was not like this in the initial development of the mobile phones. The Nokia, Motorola, and Sony etc were the leaders till Android and iOS took over with the innovation in the mobile phone industry.

The Beginning of Mobile Phones

The mobile phones that exist before the smart phones were termed as brick phones, largely because of their shape and size. The first mobile phone that the world saw was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. Although It was huge in size if compared to the mobile phones of today, but it was among the first phones that was easy to carry.

The mobile phones of today is way different than the earlier ones, these are smart with lot many apps and can be carried easily. It has also become a necessity rather than luxury in the past. Everyone these days needs a good mobile phone, but don’t know how choose best smartphone as this blog explains you must need to consider some features of a smartphone before purchase the best one for daily task.

The World Of Internet And E-Commerce

It isn’t a big deal to have a fast internet connection anymore. But not too long, the Internet was a big thing to have it in mobile phones, earlier the mobile phones didn’t have internet connection and only after 1996, people got the access to mobile phones that has the functionality of Internet.

The Internet since then has moved so far that several businesses have online and helping in making life of people easy those connected to the Internet. The world is now more connected than ever.

From shopping online from websites like Souq to order mobiles, Nike to order sports shoes,  food from Dominos and to book travel tickets from websites like Etihad Airways,, etc., E-Commerce has indeed flourished over time. Users can now also use Souq Coupons for getting discount on mobile phones and many other products they buy online at Souq.

The Changing Shapes Of Mobile Phones

Everyone would definitely agree with the fact that over time mobile phones has actually become smart and the way these devices feel in hand is amazing. The design has certainly improved over a period of time that also makes it easy to operate.

So, along with the technology, the mobile phones have also changed their physical shapes and have become more thin, sleek and good looking than before.

Earlier mobile phones not just didn’t lack in technology, but also they were big in size and heavy. They were also not attractive as the mobile phones of today.

Memory And Functionality

People born before 1995 can actually remember the limited number of features that the brick phone used to offer. Store your contact numbers, make calls, messages and play a single game. That’s what mobile phones were used to be.

But in the recent times, the mobile phones updated themselves with camera, storage, which can save images and songs. These innovations have seen a large room for improvements and further leading to the mobile phones that we use today.

The phones that we use today has multiple functions, storage up to 1TB, excellent camera quality, apps to perform social media functions and also using the services of payments and banks through mobile phones.

The Advance Music Options

In the era of the previous mobile phone versions, people had fewer options to listen to music, the built in radio and the stored music files were the only option that enabled the users to listen the music they like. People also used to carry additional mp3 players, IPods to listen to more music.

The scenario has changed now, with multiple music apps like Wynk, Joox and many more, one can listen to the best and most recent music in just a few clicks. The music streaming apps are amazing and are used by millions of people all around the world.

What To Expect From Future Cell Phones?

The way mobile phones have changed rapidly shows that the future of the mobile phones cannot be stationary or would take a pause. As per researches and from the experts in the mobile industry, the mobile phones of the future will be more technologically advanced than the one we are using today.

The mobile phones that people will use in the future will certainly have all of the storage on the cloud and the phone will be remained with the input and display.

It is also expected to experience the mobile phones that will primarily work with or emotions and also the movement of eyes and thought process.

Now shoppers can easily buy smartphone on the Internet from big brands such as Sony, Google Nokia, Apple and Samsung. They comes in various designs, colors, features and price range which you can order in best discounts with help of coupon sites like YepOffers UAE.

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