How To Connect iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart TV

As we all know iPhone/iPad is a very compact device that allows you to do lots of things like easy use, internet surfing, playing games and much more. Especially watching videos and movies on iPhone/iPad device is great fun because of the excellent display quality it provides. But it is undoubted that watching video on the bigger screen is better than small devices. That’s why mostly people are looking for how to mirror iPhone to TV wirelessly.

If you have a Samsung smart tv and want to connect to your iPhone device then you will be very happy to know that now you don’t need to buy Apple TV for screen mirroring. For those people who own an Apple TV then it’s not a big deal to connect. But if you have Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV then connecting device is very troubling.

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Now don’t worry there are so many possible ways to enjoy your favorite movie on big screen through screen mirroring.

2 Ways To Mirror iPhone To Samsung TV

  • Lightning Digital AV Adapter
  • Mirror To Samsung TV

Stream iPhone To Samsung TV Through Lightning Digital AV Adapter

There is no doubt lightning digital AV adapter is one of the easy to stream iPhone to Samsung smart TV. This adapter is wired cable so you don’t need to waste your important time for installing third-party apps or configuration.

You can easily buy Lightning Digital AV Adapter from Apple Store at $49. But Amazon offers the same product at very cheap price is $29.


1. Lightning Digital AV Adapter

2. HDMI Cable

This adapter contains HDMI port to plug into smart TV and one lightning connector for charging your iPhone or iPad device at the same time while you are watching your favorite movie.

Follow this simple steps to connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV using Lightning Digital AV adapter.

  • Plug in one end of HDMI cable to adapter HDMI port and other into the back of your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Connect the adapter to the charging port of your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Turn on the smart TV and make sure it’s set to appropriate HDMI input.
  • Once connected you can see your device home screen appear on your TV.
  • That’s it start playing your movies on your iOS device and enjoy on big screen.

Mirror iPhone To Samsung TV Wireless

In this method, you need any adapter or cable for screen mirroring. You simply need to download Mirror for Samsung TV app from the app store. But first, you need to purchase this app on iTunes for $9.99.

There are so many reasons why I don’t recommend this method is given below.

  • You need to purchase this app for around $9.99
  • Required high internet connection to streaming (Lightning Digital AV Adapter works offline)
  • Medium To Low quality (Lightning Digital AV Adapter provide ultra high-quality streaming)
  • Connection lost problem (Lightning Digital AV Adapter provide the steady connection)

Follow this simple steps to enjoy movie on TV wirelessly.

  • First, install Mirror for Samsung TV from the App Store.
  • Open the app and wait until you see Samsung Smart TV icon.
  • Select your TV from list of television sets.
  • Your TV will ask for permission, you simply need to click on Allow option.
  • In your iOS device, you need to enable Screen Recording Module in Control Center and enable access within apps.
  • Now return back to app allow permission by click on buttons.
  • That’s it once done you will be taken to youtube app for testing mirroring.
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