CNC Lathe – An Automation of Machine Tools

CNC lathe refers to an automation of machine tools, controlled by computers executing programmed sequence of machine control commands. This is best explained through the meaning of its acronym CNC (computerized numerical control). It is based on a language system that communicates through the emission of “G codes”, which is nothing more than a system of alphanumeric communication in this type of sophisticated machine.

CNC lathes are very versatile because they perform a variety of functions like Metalworking, Wood turning, Acrylic Spinning, Metal Spinning, Thermal Spraying, Pottery and so much more. It has hone a long way to  revolutionize the market by facilitating the realization of horizontal, vertical, curved cuts, which previously took several hours to achieve .

Types of CNC Lathe

  • CNC inclined bed lathe : This type of lathe has a one-piece inclined bed that provides greater rigidity, precision and durability in the work that is going to be done, such as drilling, turning, milling . All this is controlled by a very sophisticated digital control known as ” FANUC control ”.
  • Flat bed CNC lathe: It is widely used to perform work with small and complex parts such as drills, metal parts, iron and all material for which a meticulous accuracy is required. We can also say it perform functions such as; turning internal and external cylindrical and warped surfaces, for turning threads, as well as for drilling and reaming holes and machining non-cylindrical curves.
  • CNC Vertical Lathes: This type of lathe has square guides (X and Z axis) to be able to mark a better cut accompanied by a digital FANUC controller. This type of lathes is designed to work with high volume tools.
  • Universal CNC parallel lathes
  • These type of lathes are designed in a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths, and several optional features in order to create custom lathe solutions. They are manufactured using thermo-friendly material which further helps in maintaining tight tolerances and eliminates the need for grinding operations. A great example is the Live CNC tool lathes, which is used to perform complex jobs and perform more accurate cuts. This is due to the fact that it has a BMT type fastener provided with drilling of teeth, which allows an exact clamping.

Advantages of CNC machines

Improvement of precision

Since CNC machines operate from computer programs, they offer greater precision compared to manually operated mechanical machines. Moreover, since the machines are controlled by software and integrated computer programs, the processes are completed earlier and the number of errors decreases, resulting in an overall improvement in productivity.


Operations on CNC machines are executed through programs, so workers are not in direct contact or exposed to cutting tools. This means that workers are exempt from danger and insurance in their work spaces.

High Process Precision

The CNC software integrates CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) operations, capable of performing the same process hundreds or thousands of times with the same level of perfection.

Waste Reduction

The CNC machinery helps to reduce metal waste, since they are designed with systems for managing the chips resulting from machining processes or cutting, which accumulates in the workshops without having a particular use.

The automatic removal of shavings that incorporate produces cleaner work spaces. Therefore, these systems provide an optimal solution for working with metals in different ways. They improve the management of the cuts to have the best use, and also can separate the different types of chips, so that it is easier to reuse and recycle.

Reduction of Worker Involvement

With the incorporation of CNC machines, companies can perform the most complex operations in a few minutes without the intervention of a machine operator or an engineer. This fact considerably reduces the costs of incorporation and training of machine operators, and also reduces the human errors and accidents that occur in traditional processes.

In fact, a single person can supervise several CNC machines , since once it has been programmed it can be left to work autonomously as a general rule. Sometimes it is only necessary to replace the cutting tools occasionally.

Execution of Complex Processes

CNC machines can execute complex processes that would require great efforts and time in the case of crafting. All you have to do is set up the machine and integrate the programs. The operators are only needed to supervise the machine and the processes and, therefore, the process can be executed without interruptions or failures.

With all these advantages of CNC machines, metal companies can be more efficient and obtain a higher ROI in less time.

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