How To Choose The Best Shirt For Your Body Type

Hey are you want to know how to choose the best shirt for your body type, but you have no clue where to start. As you know choosing a men’s shirt can be more complicated whether for yourself or for someone else. A perfect shirt is very important for first impression like presenting yourself, job interview and social gatherings.

You are not only one guy in this planet who struggle with finding best shirt and dressing better. Many guys struggle with it, even few years back I also struggled as well. So if you are on a mission to find a best shirt for your body type then you’ve come to the right place.

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The look and feel of a shirt is not only defined by your choice of fabric is also depends on your body fit. But the maintain your fit body isn’t all that much easy. At Salud Jinni you can find the best and easy lifelong behaviors for maintain your body and stay healthy.

Before going to start how to choose a perfect shirt for you first you need to know how shirt should fit, right placement of the seams and all occasionally dull things that make complete different your personality and look.

How Shirt Should Fit

Whatever your body shape and wherever you are purchase from whether online or offline there are a few basic tricks you need apply when choosing your shirt.


The best shirt fitting comfortably around your chest, under the armpits, across your back and giving you a full range of motion. A shirt with a slim cut should me fell snug rather than too tight. Make sure when you choose shirt your chest must be fill out in way your body is discernible under fabric.


Must check where the sleeve of the shirt is very close or attaches to the top of your shoulders. Shoulder should end at the point where your upper arm meets your shouldr.


You should be able to easily slide two finger between your neck and collar when shirt is perfectly buttoned up. More than two and it will be too big, fewer than two finger and it will be too snug. Collar size is measured in inches and the range is often between 14 and 18. There are different collar types available for men shirt like Button Down Collar, Spread Collar, Classic Collar, Wide Spread Collar, Wing Tip and Brand Collar.


The armholes should be high enough to prevent restricted motion. It directs how a shirt will fit in the shoulder, chest and armpit. Your armhole should me contoured in way that creates a tapered feel under arm.

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Depending on structure and shaper of your upper body you should select one of these standard fit.

  • Slim Fit: The slim fit suitable for athletic men who have a slim torso. Add 12 cm to hip, chest and waist measurement in order to give you room to move about.
  • Normal Feet: This fit is more appropriate for muscular men. Add 15 cm to the hip, chest and waist to achieve extra room.
  • Loose Fit: The loose fit is more suitable for full body men. Add 19 cm to hip, chest and waist measurements.

If you want to learn more about body type, various fits, perfect color then jump to Natty Shirts where we explain each unique size and show real guys with body type wearing shirts.

Quick Guide On Choosing Best Shirt For You

  • The first and very important step is make sure you aware of your body type, how a regular shirt should fit, tightness around the waist and taking in the correct length.
  • If you are short then try elongating striped design to help draw attention to the length of body. And keep your shirt tucked in to emphasise length of legs rather then down them out.
  • If you are skinner then go for fitted shirt. Skintight shirts are not a flattering alternative for anyone, and they restrict your range of movement considerably.
  • If you are larger size then you must avoid the urge to go bigger with the fit of you shirt. Ensure that your shirt skims across your chest and west, and is long enough to cover extra bulk.

Don’t be afraid to try something new with confidence and wear something you feel comfortable.

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