Which Country Is Best For Immigration: Canada Vs New Zealand

Are you looking for which country is best to immigration to Canada or New Zealand? If this question is creating more confusion for you then don’t worry you are right place. Basically it depends on what you want and reason to Immigrate. But here we are going to share some advantages, disadvantages, lifestyle of both countries, so it’s very easy for you to make your final decision.

New Zealand Immiration

New Zealand is a wonderful, peaceful, great natural beauty and geologically dynamic country with unique landscape and wildlife. New Zealand is not a multicultural country like United State and United Kingdom. It is best country for people are interested to study, work and visit part of the world.

New Zealand has a wide range of visa available but you must have specific skill. There are also long term visa available for entrepreneurs and investors. You need to pay $2500 for skilled immigration resident visa.


  • Very small country with population of 4,844,000
  • Good education system + Good health care
  • Tourism industry is great, tech startup scene growing
  • People are cool and laid back, no one is in rush
  • Weather is far better (doesn’t fluctuate much)
  • Voted as the safe country


  • Living cost is high
  • Lower minimum wages
  • Very poor rail network
  • Public transport not so strong (Better to have your own car)
  • Less job opportunities as compared
  • High UV index

If you are planning for immigrate to new Zealand then you need to consider below eligibility requirements.

  • Must have valid visa and passport (Must be at least three months old)
  • Must be in good health
  • Should be of good character

There are various category available under which you can apply as per your need and profile.

  • Visit
  • Study
  • Work
  • Invest
  • Live

Canada Immigration

Canada is an advance developed country and one of the most sought after place to immigrate. There are more then 250,000 new permanent resident comes to Canada every year because of it’s Economy, Lifestyle, Economic Freedom, Quality of Life, Transparent Government Policies and Civil Liberates.

Canada is one of the lowest murder and crime rate in the world. Health care is delivered through publicly funded health care system and most of the service are free.


  • Less expensive housing
  • High wages
  • Very good medical system
  • Excellent Education
  • Easy to immigrate to US
  • More diversified when it comes to job opportunities
  • Heaps of outdoor activities to get along with


  • Income Tax between 15 to 30%
  • Cold winter weather
  • Summer is short lived
  • High real estate price

There are various category available under which you can apply as per your need and profile.

1. Express Entry For Skilled Immigrants

  • Canadian Experience Class (For people with in Canada skilled professional work experience)
  • Federal Skilled Workers (skilled professional work experience)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (Experienced in skilled manual work)

2. Provincial Nominees

3. Start up vids

4. Self Smployed People

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