Builder Hall 4 Base For BH4 Layout – Win 2000+ Trophies (2 Anti-Star)

COC Best BH4 Base Layout

Builder Hall 4 Base Design: Hey, guys are you looking for Clash of Clans best builder hall 4 base then you are right place because today in this article we are going to share the best clash of clans builder hall 4 base layouts.

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As you all know supercell release a new update for clash of clans. In new update now you have two types of the village the first one is normal village is currently you are working and the new one is builder hall. The Builder Hall starts from the scratch. But it is only available for Town Hall 4+ player. So if your town hall is below the 4 then this new update is not available for you. Now every coc players start building their builder base. But most of the players are facing the issue is not able to build the best bh4 base layout.

builder hall 4 base

Now every coc players start building their builder base. But most of the players are facing the issue is not able to build the best bh4 base layout. But don’t worry below you can find the best builder hall 4 base layout. Which you can implement in your game and easily win defenses against your opponents.

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Builder Hall 4 Anti 1 Star

As you all know the base design matter a lot in battles because if your base design is good then 50% of winning chance is in your pocket. And the other 50% chance depends on how you are good at attacking.

If you base is a very weak then you can’t get more trophies in battle. Also, you lose your winning trophies. So for increase the more trophies the best bh4 base layout you can use in your game.

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BH4 Layout With Push Traps

This coc BH4 base layout is one of the most popular builder base 4 layouts. It is a logical expansion of the BH3. This base is covered with the double layer wall. The best part of this layout is open from three sides. But all these three open sides is coverd by the traps so when the boxer giants are come from the open side and push into the crusher. As you can see the spring taps are directly behind. So at the beginning of the war, your opponent will definitely lose 2 or 3 boxer giants.

This base does not lose more than one star. But if your opponent is upgraded with baby dragons then it mostly loses 2 stars.

BH4 Base With 2 Anti Star

Builder Hall 4 Base with 2 Anti Star layout is a modification of the builder hall 3 base with push trap. The best part of this layout is forcing the attacker to go into the first compartment. And if they go to the first compartment than your opponent loses many giants and other troops will get taken down very fast.

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Builder Hall 4 Defensive Layout

This BH4 layout is best for defense. Because the double cannon and crusher are played main role in this layout. It forces your attacker to destroy the one of the cannon or crusher but the result is not good for your opponent. Becasue the army crushed by the other cannon and crusher.

If attacker attack from the back side then giants need to enter into a long funnel and inside the funnel, there is push trap and spring traps. In case if giant is passed the tunnel then there is wall so the first giant needs to break the wall and during this time your cannon destroy giant.

The main advantage of this layout is you never lose builder hall because it is a defensive layout. Your builder hall is totally covered by the cannon and crusher.

This BH4 Defensive layout definitely gives up to 2400 trophies. But after 2400+ trophies you need to change the layout. Because you will see the more upgraded baby dragon. And baby dragon easily breaks down this layout.
So after winning of 2400+ trophies, you need to build an anti baby dragon BH4 layout. The Builder Hall 4 base with Anti Baby Dragon is given below.

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BH4 Base Layout with Anti Baby Dragon

After winning of 2400+ trophies you need to modify your builder base 4 layouts. Because now you need to face the upgraded baby dragons. And your existing bh4 layout is not able to defend if a baby dragon starts attacking.

As you can see in below layout the attacker think first break down the firecracker with the help of baby dragons. But as you can see the firecrackers is protected also the crusher is covered by Archer Tower and Hidden Tesla.

In case if an attacker starts attacking with giants then they need to cross very long run and during this time giant is no more available. Because there is cannon, archer tower, push trap and spring trap is available. So maximum this layout give only one star if you are using this BH4 layout with an anti baby dragon.

New Features

If you are a new user of the clash of clans game then you need to update your coc app. Because there are lots of new features are available in the new update. You can check out the coc new feature update is given below.

  • Now you can start your journey to the new Builder Base and discover new characters, buildings and much more in a mysterious world.
  • You can battle with new troops like Cannon Cart, Bomber, Sneaky Archer, Hero Battle Machine, Raged Barbarian and Boxer Giant.

Classic Features:

  • Start Join a Clan and you can also start your own and invite your friends to join your new clan.
  • You can fight in Clan Wars as a team against other players.
  • Defend your awesome village with the help of traps, cannons, mortars, bombs, and walls.
  • Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign with the help of realm.
  • Train troops by multiple levels of an upgrade of Laboratory.
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