Top 13 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2017 To Download Free Torrents

Most Popular Torrent Sites 2017

Best Torrent Site: Hello Guys today in this article We are going to share some of Top best torrent sites with best torrenting sites 2017. If you are searching on the internet for downloading your favorite Movies, Songs, Games, Videos, and Software then it is the best option for download.

Torrent is best platform on the internet you can download any type of file for free where it is pirated or any kind of banned file you can get mostly file on this sites. Torrent is the very old and reliable way to share a big amount of data file among the internet world. Billions of files are shared on torrent sites every month. To explore the best site world and to get the desired file at any amount. Mostly people are love movie streaming sites for watch movie online or offline and torrent is bets ways to download Movies, Games, Softwares, videos, PDF file, MP3 file, Ebooks and many more big file, you will get all in the site for free.

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Torrent is connected with over 150 million users over world wide. It circulates a large amount of data over the internet. Here we are share top best torrent sites of 2017 for our blog readers. Before we discuss you need to understand what is the torrent and how it works in the internet world.

What is Torrent?

Torrent is a protocol based on the peer to peer file sharing technique. It is a file with .torrent extension. It used with the client and other download option. This file contains all the information about tracker and much other related information. Also, contain text information for start download from seeders and leechers. The download speed depends on peers, leechers, and seeds. It made the data sharing easy but data sharing is quite slower using this protocol. The main features of this protocol are the user not download a file from some server or directly from laptop or computer.

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Seeders are those who upload the file on the internet server. Leechers are those who download a file. If you use torrent via Zbigz the download speed will be maximum and it does not depend on this three factor. When you working with the torrent it all happens in the background and it does not require mostly computer resources. It is used to deliver high rate and high quality of data over the internet.

There are many sites are available on the internet for download torrent and it is very difficult to find best torrent sites. Because there is the very big network on the internet and it is possible to circulate any big file over the country. On the internet, you get many sites which contain bad torrent. If you download a file from any untrusted website you get in the problem so it mainly knows about the best torrent download site and it is my always recommended to use verified free download site.

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When you start downloading at the same time automatically included in distribution allow some other to download those files that you upload yourself. Below the list of all trusted and Best best torrent site for download any type of large file for free.

How to connect to a torrent server and start downloading big files you need to follow below steps.

  • First Download a torrent client.
  • After download install in your pc.
  • Create your new account on a torrent client and find your favorite files to start a download.

Top 13 Best Torrent site (Torrenting site)

1) The Pirate Bay: Best Torrent Site

The pirate bay is one of the tops and best torrent site. It is a tracker directory site where any user uploads and download malware or virus free files. The Pirate Bay site found in September 2003 before 12 years and best torrenting site. This site developed by Fredrik Neji, Peter Sunde and Gottfrid svartholm in Sweden.

Pirate bay popular for download high-quality Movies, Games and many other. The pirates bay server support secure sockets layer encryption. This site is updated in the regular period of time. This site most use for download Movies, Music, TV Shows and Computer Software. and you can directly download TV show and music from this site.

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This site provides movie files in ptp file sharing using bit torrent protocol. The pirate bay is banned in many countries like Pakistan and india. Most important part of this website is very simple and easy to use.

Features of The Pirates Bay

  • The Pirates Bay site is work on the search algorithm to find a file.
  • You can browse from different categories like Movies, Audio, Games, Software etc.
  • Many other filters to find files.

2) KickAss Torrents –

Kickass is second old and Best Torrent site. This site uses bit torrent protocol and provides links and big files. The kickass site was found in 2009 with name but now this site name is modified to It is a torrent search engine. This site was banned in many countries but you can access this site using Proxy and VPN.

Most important part of this site is you can interact with another user by the register on this site community. This site provides a directory for files to facilitate peer to peer file sharing with a protocol of bit torrent. It is no content, hosts and no tracker. This site available in 33 different languages. You can download the file like Software, Movies, Songs and other. It provides a user-friendly web page and unique design that will make easy to search for any file.

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Kickass provides peer-to-peer file sharing using BitTorrent protocol. Using this site you can download games and movies without getting any errors for free. Millions of united states visitors use this site for download torrent.

Features of Kickass

  • No pop-up ads.
  • Find your favorite file in categories by click on switch to full page
  • Easily find your torrent file by using the search box.

3) Torrentz – Best Torrent Site

Torrentz is a free and most popular one of the best torrent search engine like google. You search any file and will show a result of another site where the file is available. This site developed in 2003 by flippy. If you search any file in torrentz it provides file size, a number of downloads, Upload date, Number of peer and leechers details. Torrentz has multiple domain extension with the country name. It is not a torrent tracker or directory. Torrentz does not host any file but redirects a visitor to another site on the internet. It provides an advanced search tool to find file for Linux and Mozilla.

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The design of this site consists two blocks are user menu and search panel. Torrentz (.) in is banned in india so you can use The website design is very simple and easy to use for download any type of file.

Features of Torrentz

  • Find file using a torrent search engine.
  • Easily Find your favorite file.
  • No pop ads.

4) YIFY Torrent – Best Torrent site

YIFY Torrent started in 2011 and another best torrent file download site. This site has a huge database of Hollywood movies. Yify is a directory based torrent site. This site host collection of movies on peer to peer sharing platform. yify allows you to download any file without registration. from this site, you can download Movies, Games, TV show and much more. The ability for register users to bookmark movies and download for later.

YIFY is most popular for download High definition movies in different 1080p, 720 and 3D quality at the small file size. This site provides facebook like page, google like the page, comprehensive data backup schedule service, chat area and RSS feed. YIFY provide virus free files for safety purpose.

Features of YIFY

  • Provide High Definition (HD) movie in small file size.
  • Virus free torrent files
  • Huge data base of Hollywood movies

5) Extra Torrent – Best Torrent site:-

Extra torrent is simple and best torrent site for download torrent file. This site offers to download Movies, TV Shows, Games, Books etc. Extra started in 2013. This site best directory which host violates policies of some site. This site various problem due to this it has change domain name from dot cc to com. It has no pop ads but lots of ads available. It is banned in many countries but you can access this site by using Proxy and VPN. Design of extra torrent is very simple, easy to use and provide advanced search bar to find any type of file. It provides many types of category like Music, Video, Games, Software and many other. You can use this site without registration.

Features of Extra Torrent :

  • No pop-up ads but the bunch of ads.
  • Live chat features.
  • Find file under your favorite category.
  • It’s own community.

6) 1337X – Best Torrent site:-

1337 torrent site is based on community site. This site is best and most popular torrent site. 1337X is indexed in many torrent sites. Approx 25,000 people like 1337X facebook fan page. 1337X provide multi tracker index facility. This site changes your domain extension from dot org to dot to. Now 1337X site open from here most of the user share the file for download. You can not put any comment on this site. This site provides quick browse facility to find any file like movies, games, software, tv shows etc. 1337X site is a large collection of high-quality Movies, games, crack software and many other. Most of the traffic on this site comes from united state and united kingdom. This site is most popular in many countries. This site provides any type of Hollywood movies in different resolution.

Features of 1337X:

  • Largest Database of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.
  • Select your movie quality before download.
  • Safe and verified.

7) EZTV:-

EZTV is a torrent site to download free TV show. This site is found in 2005. EZTV is the TV content search engine. Government Banned this site because of copyright issue. but there is many EZTV website available with a high database. In this site, you can download any file without register. You can download any latest episode of a tv show from the homepage. This site provides more than a link to download tv show. EZTV is work on the search algorithm to find a torrent file and you can free download any file from this site. This site recommended to our users to use VPN to download the file. Using VPN government agencies not able to show your activity on this site.

Features of EZTV :

  • Latest TV Show available on the homepage with direct download link.
  • Fast downloading and loading time.
  • Safe and easy to use.

8) IsoHunt – Best Torrenting Site:-

IsoHunt is the best torrent site to download your file. It started 13 years ago in 2003 by Gary Fung. But the admin of this site has closed this site after two weeks due to some copyright issue. You can browse, upload and download a digital content. The design of this site is very simple. Here you can download any file in various categories like Software, Movies, Adult and many other. If you are using client then using IsoHunt bot you can easily watch movies on your device. This site getting daily millions of visits per day. IsoHunt provides peer to peer search engine technology and advanced BitTorrent. IsoHunt site provides a forum where you interact another user by creating your free account. Daily thousands of files are deleted and added from this site. The boat service of IsoHunt is ads free and introduce the best virtual private network.

9) Rarbg:-

Rarbg site started in 2008 by the Bulgarian tracker. This site uses more pop ads. Rarbg is popular for download games, movies, software, TV show and much more. This site provides peer to peer file sharing using BitTorrent protocol. In this site, you can not upload files. For download any type file you need to create your account in site. This site many popular because unblock in many countries. Here you can download any type of file without any registration. Design of rarbg site is simple and user-friendly. This site allows downloading movies, games, software, books and much more for free.

10) BitSnoop:-

BitSnoop is started in 2008 by kinda is a large number of the index file in BitTorrent. This site most popular because it removes a virus and trojans from a file. BitSnoop is safe for download files. On the home page of Bitsnoop site you see the favorite file like Movies, Games and you can easily download From this site you download video, games, audio, and many more file for free. Approx one million users use a bitsnoop site to search and download the file.

11) Lime Torrent

Lime torrent found in 2003. This site most popular since last three year. From this site, You download the file in a different category. You can download any type of file without any registration. For download any file from this site you need to use tracker software. Lime provides facebooks like page and chat area. This website is most popular for download e-books.

12) Summo Torrent:-

Summo is one of the best search engines like google. Here you download movies, games, videos and much more. Summo is most popular for download high-quality movies. The most important feature of the summo site is you can interact with another user by creating your account on sumo and join this site community. This site provides search bar then you easily search any file and download. The Alexa traffic rank of this site is 9390 global.

13) Torrent Hound – Best Torrent Site:-

Hound is one of the best and most popular sites. From this site, you can get verified files are malware and virus free file. It is the best site for download high-quality movies, Tv show, software, Ebooks, games and much more. This site blocked in many countries. This site has a huge database of file and less number of pop ads. Hound team removes virus and malware from a file. This site has more than one million files and 70 crore seeds.

14) Torrent Funk:-

It is one of the best sites for download high-quality movies. The home page of funk site you can see a favorite file like Movies, Games, Ebooks, Software, Music and much more. This site has approx one million verified files available. This site is virus and malware free site. Here you can find your favorite movies in various quality. The design of this site is very simple and easy to download any file for free. You can find a file from the search bar.

15) Torrent Reactor

This site found in 2003. The reactor is another best torrenting and forum site. Here you interact with other people by join reactor forum. For join reactor forum you need to create an account on this site. The reactor is the best site to download verified files. From reactor site, you download Movies, Games, Videos, Music and much more. Here you can download any type of file without registration.

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