Coc TH10 War Base 2017 (Anti 2 Star)- Best Town Hall 10 Base Bomb Tower

Town Hall 10 War Base 2017

Coc Best TH10 War Base: Hey, guys are you looking for Bets Town Hall 10 War Base design then you are the right place. Because today in this article we are going to share Best TH10 War Base anti everything to win every battle.

As you all know that clan war in town hall 10 is very difficult. And also it is very difficult to defend a three star but sometimes your attacker make mistakes and you can defend stars in the close attack. At the starting of the game you think this game is very simple but when you upgrade hall to next level then you realize that it is not much easy. Because clash of clans game is strategic war based game.

th10 war base

When you upgrade town hall to level 10 then first you need some good strategies and skills to stay in TH10. But many of the clash of clans player is not able to design town hall 10 anti 2 stars more perfectly. But now don’t worry below in this article you can find some best TH10 war base with bomb tower.

When clan war starts your main priority is how to prevent your opponent from getting 3 stars. And it is possible when you come with advanced strategy in TH10 war base anti everything. Otherwise, in town hall 10 it is very difficult to win the battle.

Anti 3 Star Town Hall 10 War Base Design

As you can see in below image this town hall 10 war base layout is specially designed for stand up against GoVaHo attacks. If your attacker is more powerful than it maximum gets one star not more than it. If your attacker comes with low heroes then it is very difficult to get one star.

Anti-Bowler And Anti-Valkyrie TH10 War Base

As you can see in below design the Bomb Tower make this town hall 10 war base very effective because they will into them sooner or later. This base is specially designed for defense against valkyrie attack. Your opponent maximum gets two stars from this TH10 war base because there is a dead end. If they are luckier and come with some advanced strategy then chance to get three stars but it is rar case.

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