Top 3 Best Spying Apps in India

“Which is the best cell phone spy app available in India?” That’s one of the most-searched questions on the internet when it comes to finding the best spying app. Today, we have decided to do a comparison of top three best spying apps available in India so you can finally put an end to your Google search.

It is certainly not easy to find the top three apps and make a list based on their comparison. There are many factors involved when comparing these apps. You will find various comparison articles on the web but they will all have their particular criteria set for their comparison. We have tried to establish our comparison on the basis of most important factors that are involved in making an app the best.

Comparison Criteria

  1. Compatibility: This is the foremost factor to know when looking for a top spying app. Compatibility of an app makes it a hit or miss among the users. As the OS of Android and iPhone are regularly updated, only a few apps live up to their promise. Without compatibility, there is no point in using a spying app.
  2. Features: The second most important factor is the features offered by the apps. It’s not just the number of features that count; the quality and how effectively they transmit information from the target phone matters a lot.
  3. Price: Finally, no one wants to pay over the odds for the features they are getting. Even if an app is offering unique features, you still want the price to be affordable.

Our List of Top 3 Spying Apps


Xnspy tops our list of top spying apps in India. There isn’t just one reason behind this choice. From compatibility to price, this app has a balance of all the right factors that a top spying app should offer. It offers multiple operating system support for iPhone and Android and it has basic as well as advanced features for effective monitoring.


The first reason why we have accorded this place to Xnspy is its compatibility with Android and iPhone. For Android, you will see that it has compatibility for Oreo 8.0 which is the latest on the Android market. On the other hand, it is also compatible with the new iOS 11 which is a rare capability among the spying apps. The app also supports the previous versions of iOS and Android.

Key Features

Xnspy claims to have more than 35 features in its premium subscription. Here are some of the key mentions:

Remote control: Xnspy gives you almost complete control over the target phone without getting anywhere near it through its remote control features. You can remotely record sounds of that phone even if there are no phone calls on the target phone. You can also wipe the phone data if it lands in the wrong hands. And you can remotely lock the device too.

Watchlist alerts: Another key feature is that it allows you to monitor specific phone logs of the target phone. You can monitor specific contacts, emails, phone numbers, and even places. For instance, you can enter a name in the Watchlist and it will notify you whenever the specific name appears on the phone. Same goes for emails, words and contact numbers.


The good thing is that Xnspy is surprisingly affordable even with the advanced features. Currently, Xnspy is available in two plans: Basic & Premium. You can subscribe to either of them for monthly, quarterly, and yearly durations. You can start using the app by paying as low as $8.33 per month.

2. Spyzie

On the second spot we have Spyzie which is another popular app in India. It is a well-tailored spy app for people who want to use it for business or child monitoring. With the support and features, it is another good option if you are looking for a spying app.


Spyzie is compatible with both iPhone and Android. But its compatibility is limited when compared with the Xnspy. Unlike Xnspy, it does not offer separate versions for jailbreak and no jailbreak iPhones. So it can only be used on no-jailbreak iPhones. But for Android, Spyzie can be used on the Oreo 8.0 or the previous versions.

Key Features

Viewing call history: Spyzie provides all the details of the target phone’s calling history. The history logs come with time and dates of the call. The contact names, along with the phone numbers and time and duration of the call, are also mentioned in the call history.

Chat monitoring: Similar to Xnspy, Spyzie can look through all the sent and received messages and the related information. Not only regular SMS but also iMessages and multimedia chats can also be read through this spying app. You can also see multimedia files if they are attached in the message.


Spyzie is more affordable than its competitors. And one thing that gives it an edge over Xnspy is that it offers a free trial. For the moment it offers two packages:

  • Premium Edition: This package offers limited functionality and it is available for $89.99 a year.
  • Ultimate Edition: This package comes with full functionality and you can buy it for $99.99 per year.

3. TheOneSpy

The third and final app in our comparison is TheOneSpy. Though it may be on third due to compatibility and other differences, it still offers a few features that the rest of the apps in the list do not offer.


You would find support for both iPhone and Android but it has limited compatibility for them. For example, you can use TheOneSpy on iPhone devices but for that, you have to jailbreak the phone you want to spy on. It also means you cannot use it on the latest versions. For Android, it can support Android 7.0 or previous versions.

Key Features

Multiple device support: This is a unique feature offered only by TheOneSpy. You can install the app on multiple devices and they can be monitored successfully simultaneously.

Remote commands: TheOneSpy does remote monitoring in the coolest way. You can remotely send commands to the device which can perform functions without anyone noticing it. For example, sending “dead” to the target device is the command to delete TheOneSpy.


TheOneSpy is comparatively pricier than the other two apps in this list. It offers three different packages: Lite, xLite, and Premier. All these packages are available for monthly, quarterly, biannually, and yearly subscriptions. The basic price starts at $18 a month but the price for the Premier package can go as high as $250 for a yearly subscription.

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