How To Become A Snapchat Success

Whether you are an individual just hoping to have fun in your free time or a marketer looking to sell a product or service, Snapchat is one of the biggest social media platforms you should be looking to conquer. Snapchat is an up-and- coming success story, and we are going to demonstrate a few simple tricks to ensuring your Snapchat content is the best it can be and how you can earn yourself more followers.

Why Snapchat?

Snapchat currently has about 100 million active users creating around 8 billion videos on its platform. The logistics of this is remarkable: Snapchat equals the video content of Facebook, despite being a tenth of the size. One of the reasons touted for this is the lack of social anxiety that Snapchat offers: with no ‘view count’ or number of ‘likes’ that people can judge you by, your content is accepted on its own merit.

Snapchat has proven to have a very specific key target audience – and the most coveted: teenagers. Celebrities and influencers have used the app to reach out to younger audiences and command enormous online followings.

Improving Your Snap Experience – the Basics

So you want to get more followers on Snapchat. To start with, there are a couple of key rules you need to follow:

Post regularly – your content needs to be fresh and up-to- date. One post per day is the bare minimum!

Use various layers – with geofilters and color filters to pick from, don’t be afraid to double or even triple up.

Use text – annotating your snaps is a great way to tell people about where you are/what you’re up to. Use the notes page on your phone to copy over longer content.

Not so long ago we talked about the way in which you can upload pictures to Snapchat from either iOS or Android devices. By doing this, you can edit images prior to use and curate the full snap experience for your users. Once you’ve mastered this, think about going to the next Snap-level and creating stories.

Perfecting Snap Stories

Snapchat Stories are one of the most engaging aspects of the platform and where you are most likely to win people’s attention. In order to do this effectively, however, there are a few simple rules you need to follow.

Avoid duplicate content

Don’t send out the same content from your direct snaps in your stories! Your audience on these channels will likely be the same, so try not to bore them with repeated content. Think carefully about why you are posting and what medium would be best: each post should have some kind of message or theme.

Short and sweet

If your story is stretching well over the minute mark, then you’re doing it wrong. People have short attention spans, especially when they are looking at their phone. You’re not filming a movie, and no one is looking to watch one. Keep it short; keep it snappy!

Added entertainment value

Snapchat is great for letting you customize what people see beyond the camera view. Add sound, emojis and filters for a more engaging and unique snap experience. Don’t forget the value of comedy!

Be a Camera Pro

When making your story, think about the person watching it. Try not to look at yourself in the corner mirror view, and instead look the camera straight in the eye. This will make viewers feel like they are right there with you. Equally, mix up your camera angles – switch the view for emphasis and experiment with different kinds of approach. People will quickly get bored if all of your content is simply head-on at arms-distance.

The Snapchat Future

For an even more in-depth look at how you can spread your reach on Snapchat, take a look at this guide for ultimate insight. Still a field of relatively untapped potential, Snapchat is fast becoming the communication channel of preference amongst young people. Making sure you have a good Snapchat reach and great content will let you stay
abreast of all the goings-on.

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