Many companies across around the world have utilized the power of animated explainer videos in marketing their products as well as using it to simplify very complex ideas/concepts to their teeming customers. YOU MAY ASK, WHY HAVENT I HEARD ABOUT IT BEFORE? THE ANSWER IS: “YOU SURELY DO KNOW THEM AND HAVE EVEN WATCHED ONE BEFORE, ONLY THAT, YOU NEVER KNEW THE NAME AS AN ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEO.” NOW LET ME EXPLAIN…

Animated Explainer videos are short, engaging videos that can be placed on a website, mobile phone/tablets or television to explain in a simple and efficient way, who you are and what you do. Animated explainer videos are so compelling that, they can engage your audience both online and offline informing them of your company and its product.


Small and big companies have successfully utilized these animated explainer videos in marketing their products/services to prospects and clients alike. The response from the use of this marketing videos has helped tremendously not just to increase the net profit of these companies but also assist in building their brand. This is what we call a GOOD RETURN ON INVESTMENT!!!


  1. VIDEO SCRIPT: The first thing to do in creating a highly converting explainer video is to write a 150-word video script. This stage is crucial, as a bad video script can break your marketing video, while a good script can make your marketing video! The video script MUST be written by a highly skilled copywriter, who should be able to write a well-crafted video, highly engaging script with a CALL TO ACTION message that fits in properly with the company Since most animated explainer videos are 1-2 minutes long, the copywriter must ensure the audience grabs the message within a min.
  2. VOICEOVER: After crafting the video script, the next stage is to have someone’s voice explaining the script as the animations roll. It is highly recommended to use a professional voice over artist so as not to send the wrong signals to your audience.
  3. STORYBOARD: The storyboard is used to visualize how the demo video would It involves creating the animated explainer video script into scenes before the video is produced. A professional storyboard artist usually does it.
  4. FINAL STAGE: This involves animating the video to match with the voice over. This is a crucial stage as an error here could cause the audience not to stick to the marketing video till the end.
  5. ANIMATED VIDEO RELEASE: The animated video is ready for release and can be uploaded to the company website, YouTube or other video sharing sites to create more views, which will turn into sales!

At Again Studios, we have all it takes to produce animated explainer videos, whiteboard videos, 2D and 3D explainer videos that undoubtedly generate sales leading to 101% increase in sales. If you want to see sales skyrocket, then contact us. You will be glad you did!!!

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