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Say Goodbye The To Snooze Bar. Amazon’s Echo Spot Is An Alarm Clock For 2018

Amazon’s new Echo Spot is compact version of Echo Show. It is an alarm clock sized alexa voice controlled device. While it is certainly more than just a smart clock that’s what’s it is best at attractive voice assisted smart desk. It is the first amazon small device of voice assistant speaker with little cute looking.

It can do everything the echo show can just in smaller ball shaped device with circular touchscreen. That allows to answering questions, playing music, display weather, video from cameras and much more. So just a simple voice query users can accomplish multiple tasks.

Echo spot comes with just three buttons on the top and crisp looking 2.5-inch circular touchscreen. The camera is available at above of front screen, power plug and 3.5mm audio socket in the back. The overall design looks like combination of Echo Dot and high end Echo Show.

Buyers can select from a version of Echo Spot with black or white border and casing. You can also purchase an Echo Spot accessories like adjustable stand, Screen Protector, Skins and decals.

What You Can Do With Echo Spot

Make Free Voice or Video Calls: You can make free voice calls to anyone in United States, Canada and Mexico. You can also make free video calls to anyone who has an Echo show, Echo spot or smartphone with Alexa app.

Organize Your Life: It’s not only smart alarm clock, the spot is capable of so much more like setup wake up call, kitchen timer, shopping list keeper, calendar monitor and to do list tracker.

Stay Up To Date: You can ask questions, weather report and provide trending news.

Control Smart Home Devices: Depending on your smart home device it may able to work with your smart TV, smart light bulb, smart ceiling fan, smart door locks and smart thermostats.

Play Music and Audio Books: Stream Spotify, Pandora, audible audio books and podcast. Amazon prime member can also listen music through Prime Music & display song lyrics on the screen.

How To Setup

  • First plug in Echo Spot into power outlet.
  • Now connect to the WiFi network.
  • Sign into Alexa app on your smartphone to sync echo spot and enable full set of features and functionality.
  • That’s it all set perfectly! Ask Alexa anything.
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