7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Domain Authority in 2019

The importance of domain authority has been quite high in recent years and would continue to increase in the year 2019. It is important for website owners to be aware of factors that can impact their website growth. If your website does not have unique content, it would not be ranked highly by Google. In other words, the SEO rank of the website would go down. According to prepostseo.com, domain authority score also carries a high level of importance like the SEO rank. Websites with a low DA score fail to create a positive impression in front of customers. If you want your website to generate impressive business volumes in the year 2019, having a high DA score is very important.

Here are the 7 easiest ways to get higher domain authority scores in 2019.

1. Avoid content redundancy

Do you know that most buyers accept or reject a website when they view the content? It is a fact that the content should not have grammatical issues but the uniqueness factor is important as well. If a visitor visits your website and does not find anything fresh to read, he would reach the conclusion that you do not have anything exclusive to offer. This is obviously a negative aspect and causes a decline in the DA score. In a nutshell, website owners should refresh their content from time to time. The content should be unique and there should be a sufficient count of individual points. This would reduce the chances of redundancy.

2. Impressive user experience

Consider that you visit a website and witness that there is a non-responsive page. You would obviously not want to browse the website again. Technical issues do happen but customers do accept them. For them, if a website has technical issues, it is not worth visiting again. The domain authority depends on the user experience that a website offers. The overall interface and usability are also important. The level of user experience goes down if users find it hard to check different features and use them. Thus, to get a good DA score, the goal should be to keep the interface simple.

3. Remove backlinks that are damaging

It is a known fact that backlinks are important for website growth. However, this point only stands valid if you have high-quality backlinks. Thus, a good practice is auditing the website and removing low standard backlinks. You can check all the backlinks to your website by using an analytics tool. An authoritative backlink helps your website in growing. Similarly, a substandard backlink ruins the reputation and reduces the DA score.

4. Focus on the correct targeted keywords

The correct keywords get traffic on your website. Reputed websites keep refreshing their content with fresh keywords regularly. In this way, the users keep landing on the website. Keyword analysis is very important. User preferences change from time to time. Thus, if a proper analysis is done, you would know about the keywords you are missing. If a website has the correct selection of keywords with appropriate variations, it would not face challenges in getting a high DA score or traffic count. High standard websites use Google Keyword Planner and other similar tools to keep a check on updated keywords.

5. Refine the internal linking structure

Having an attractive landing page is good but it is not all that you need to focus on. The internal linking structure of the website is very important. When a user visits your website, he does not restrict to one page only. Instead, he moves from one page to the other. For instance, a user may want to check the “new products” page after reading the content on the home page. If the link to the “new products page” is easily visible, he would not have to search for things. On the other hand, if the user has to go through a struggle to find out links, it is a sign that the website does not have a good internal linking structure.

The DA score of a website does depend on the internal linking structure of the website. If your website has clearly elaborated links and the user can easily move from one page to the other, the DA score would increase. Similarly, websites with weak or no internal linking structure struggle in getting a high DA score.

6. Responsive websites work well

Gone are the days when people used to sit in front of a desktop or laptop to access the internet. The storm of smart devices has taken over the world. As most people are using the internet using these devices, it is important that websites are responsive. A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts view according to the screen size. For instance, if you access a responsive website using a laptop and then a smartphone, the view would be automatically adjusted without the need of unnecessary scrolling.

7. Improve page loading speed

Most customers are impatient and website owners should be aware of this fact. Consider an example. If a visitor visits a website and has to wait several minutes for the pages to upload, he would look for quicker alternatives. The page loading speed can be optimized by reducing data size on the pages. If your web pages have unnecessary animations and heavy image files, the loading speed would increase. Getting a high DA score also depends on the page loading speed of a website. Websites with slow page loading speed are unable to acquire a good DA score.


Domain Authority is a key important metric to checking the calibre of a website. Websites with a high DA score are termed more trustworthy than the ones which have a low score. The DA score increases or decreases due to various factors. For instance, if your website does not load at a quick pace, the customer count, as well as the DA score, would decrease. Similarly, content originality is also a key factor for getting a good DA score.

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