10 Best Apps for Occupational Therapy Professionals

Occupational Therapy Apps

Given today’s technology, it is practical to be using occupational therapy apps with your clients.

If you think back, you and your patients are always equipped with a smartphone during your OT sessions. And maybe paying too much attention to it too ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, due to the convenience and practicality, it is becoming common for OT professionals to incorporate the use of mobile apps while treating their patients.

Mobile apps and games are fantastic for making patients comfortable so they enjoy their therapy sessions.

Also, if you are still an occupational therapy student and studying online then these apps recommended by the OTA Guide can be very helpful from wherever you are studying from.

Below is a list of the top 10 best apps to use in your occupational therapy clinic. Make sure to check them out and see which ones could help your patients. Some are free and none of them break the bank.

1.) ABA Flash Cards & Game (Innovative Mobile Apps)
Price: $.99 Provides 50 digital flashcards teaching kids emotions. Very helpful visual app.

2.) Alien Buddies Preschool Learning (Artgig Studio)
Price: $2.99 – Trains finger control skills while providing learning opportunities such as letter recognition through puzzles. Fun and great for fine motor skills.

3.) Touch and Learn (Emotions) (Innovative Mobile Apps)
Price: $1.99 – Teaches body language and understanding other’s emotions to children. Great and important learning modules.

4.) Dexteria: Fine Motor Skill Development (BinaryLabs Inc.)
Price: $3.99 – Helps kids to develop skills pre-handwriting as well as finger isolation exercises. Very important movements in this app.

5.) Trace It & Try It: Kids Handwriting Exercises (This Reading Mama, LLC)
Price: $2.99 – Trains kids to form letters, numbers, and 3 letter words properly. This is an essential handwriting app.

6.) Touch and Write (Fizzbrain LLC)
Price: $2.99 – Provides a fun platform for kids to practice writing on in a variety of fun textures (like ketchup!). Also teaches cursive.

7.) abc PocketPhonics (Apps in My Pocket Ltd)
Price: $6.99 (Free version is limited) The app will speak letters to patients who must trace them out properly on the screen.

8.) GoNoodle (Unknown Creator)
Price: $0.00 (Free!) Vides offering brain breaks to your patients mid therapy session. Everyone should use this app!

9.) Emotionary (Funny Feelings)
Price: $0.00 (Free!) Offers an emotion diary for Occupational Therapy Assistants. By keeping a diary the app helps you identify behavioral triggers in patients. This can be very helpful for inconsistent patients.

10.) Ready to Print (Essare LLC)
Price: $9.99 Helps patients improve their fine motor and visual motor skills through a variety of fun games.

Over to you
Well, that is the list folks, the top 10 apps for occupational therapy assistants.

OK, so honestly, do you think you or your patients are more excited to start using these occupational therapy apps?

When you start using these apps with your patients you will see more efficient and effective outcomes.

More importantly, your patients will have a lot of fun during their treatment using these apps!

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